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[Zhongyu Achievement] Double Eleven, can’t stop!

[Zhongyu Achievement] Double Eleven, can’t stop!

The Double 11 car shopping festival has been successfully concluded in everyone’s crazy buying, and the major sales data have also been freshly released. Let us see it quickly.

On the day of the Double 11 car purchase festival, FAW Toyota purchased a total of 8,687 cars, ranking the top two; Corolla and RAV4 ordered a total of 4,574 and 2,363 cars respectively; Vios sold 73 cars in total, ranking three models in sales Top 4!

The Double 11 Crazy Car Buying Festival is over. If you haven’t grabbed the excitement yet, it doesn’t matter,”Feng” will continue, let you be in the end!

From now until December 31st, you can enjoy the national benefit subsidy of 3,000 yuan, easy 0 interest rate and gratitude to friends when you buy a new Corolla; the new RAV4 can enjoy a 40-drive policy, and you can also get a super replacement subsidy of 4,000 yuan; Users who choose to purchase cars with Vios 0 interest rate can enjoy the ultra-low daily supply and DIY car stickers while also receiving an additional subsidy of 3,000 yuan from the state!

Indulge in zero interest, unlimited”rich” light, waiting for you to”loan” home, hurry up and act!

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November 1st-December 31 Wuzhou Zhongyu Toyota’s car buying season is fully opened, and FAW Toyota’s entire car mortgage has zero interest! Buy Vios and Corolla can also enjoy 18 months long interest-free! All you need is an ID card and everything is done for you!

RAV4 four”0″ drive shock detonation
(1) Four zero drive:0 down payment, 0 interest rate, 0 handling fee, 0 monthly supply;
(2) Super replacement:the maximum replacement subsidy is 4,000 yuan;
(3) Special-purpose models:2.5L safety value-added version RAV4 is provided for 3000 units nationwide;
(4) Passionate test drive ceremony:You will receive a beautiful smart Bluetooth bracelet when you come to the store for a test drive.
(5) Mortgage 0 interest:Mortgage 0 interest, easy to buy!

The new C0ROLLA”Fun and ceremoniously waiting”
(1) Huimin subsidy:Including 1.6L CVT national Huimin subsidy 3000 yuan
(2) Carefree 0 interest ceremony:dreams 0 distance:18 months extraordinary interest-free ownership 0 waiting:half-price car pick-up procedures are super simple, experience”Easy Loan Connect”
(3) Sincerely Friendship:Introducer 2000 yuan maintenance voucher; introduced person 2000 yuan boutique voucher;
(4) Value-for-new gift:the maximum replacement subsidy is 4,000 yuan;
(5) Passionate test drive ceremony:Come to the store for a test drive and receive a beautiful smart Bluetooth bracelet.

VIOS”Indulge in zero interest and wisdom season”:
(1) National Energy Saving and Benefiting People Subsidy 3000 Yuan (1.3 MT)
(2) Enjoy a zero-interest gift:18 months of long interest-free, half-price car pick-up procedures are super simple, and experience the”easy loan pass” fast channel;
(3) Test drive ceremony:Come to the store for a test drive during the event, you can get a beautiful Bluetooth stereo.

Civil servants can enjoy a subsidy of up to 8,000 yuan for car purchases, and superimposed discounts should not be missed!

Address:No. 80, Sanlong Avenue, Changzhou District, Wuzhou City (ie diagonally opposite to Wuzhou Vocational College)
Sales Hotline:0774-3833999