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[Zhongyu Life Tips] The bathroom storage trick! I admire it!

[Zhongyu Life Tips] The bathroom storage trick! I admire it!

The utilization rate can be improved on the sink, and it is very beautiful

How to put the hair dryer and electric hair stick? The following ideas will make you put it down

If you have a cabinet in your bathroom, you should consider it carefully. Be sure to make good use of it behind the cabinet door

Such a crossbar is very useful

It’s really convenient to install a rail

Put a few hooks to improve space utilization

I like this solution for placing small objects such as nail polish, eyebrow pencil, etc.

The following two programs really admire me and appreciate Ha~

It seems that I have come back under the bathtub

It is useful to make a horizontal bar by the bathtub wall

Above the door

Door back

It’s a pity that the toilet is forgotten

Add some small objects beside the sink, which are both beautiful and practical
You can put cotton swabs, cotton balls, and cotton pads in this way. It would be better if you had a lid

IKEA small objects

Magnet can store some small objects, which is great!

The clever use of various buckets

There is no place to put towels and other items. Making such a hanging basket will be able to hold things very well.

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