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my country Amends the Law of Science and Technology Progress to Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Science and Technology Innovation

The draft revision of the Science and Technology Progress Law was first submitted to the 13th National People’s Congress on the 17th Deliberation at the 30th meeting of the Standing Committee.

It is understood that the current Science and Technology Progress Law was enacted in 1993 and revised in 2007. With the Development has entered a new stage, facing new situations and tasks, and the Science and Technology Progress Law needs to be revised and improved. Through the revision of the Science and Technology Progress Law, further highlight the strategic position of scientific and technological innovation, and in accordance with the”Four Faces” strategic direction, strengthen the overall planning of scientific and technological innovation system construction, capacity building and system construction, and use the rule of law to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of scientific and technological innovation, and accelerate the promotion High-quality development in the new stage.

This revision of the Science and Technology Progress Law is based on the eight chapters and seventy-five articles of the current law. The framework and content have been partially adjusted. Three chapters have been added, namely”Basic Research”,”Regional Scientific and Technological Innovation” and”International Cooperation in Science and Technology”, with a total of eleven chapters and 106 articles.

In order to strengthen basic research and enhance original innovation capabilities, the draft is proposed to establish an investment mechanism for stable support of basic research. Increase the proportion of basic research funding in the total research and development funding of the whole society; focus on major scientific issues around the frontiers of science and technology, economic and social development, and major national security needs, and improve the source innovation capabilities of science and technology; improve the distribution of disciplines and knowledge systems, and support Basic research base construction, etc.

This revision of the Science and Technology Progress Law highlights the strengthening of national strategic science and technology forces and promotes key core technology research. The draft clarifies the establishment and strengthening of a national strategic scientific and technological force with national laboratories, national scientific and technological research and development institutions, high-level research universities, and leading scientific and technological enterprises as important components; perfecting key core technologies under the conditions of a socialist market economy and a new type of nationwide System, organize and implement major scientific and technological tasks that reflect the country’s strategic needs, etc.

In order to stimulate the innovation and creativity of scientific and technical personnel, and strengthen the education and training of innovative talents, the draft adds science to the general provisions. Technical personnel should be respected by the entire society, and emphasize the creation of a favorable environment and conditions to ensure that scientific and technical personnel invest in scientific and technological innovation and research and development activities. The draft stipulates that a mechanism for the education and training of innovative talents should be established and improved, and a classification and evaluation system for scientific and technical personnel should be implemented to highlight the value, ability, and contribution orientation of innovation.

The draft is also important for improving and optimizing the national innovation system, optimizing the layout of regional innovation, expanding openness and cooperation in science and technology, Provisions are made on the creation of a good innovation environment.