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Professor Brian T. Chait of Rockefeller University won the Proteomics Lifetime Achievement Award from US HUPO 2021

Instrument Information Network News March 2021 From 8th to 11th, the 17th American Conference on Human Proteomics (US HUPO
2021) will be held online. Since 2005, the US HUPO has held an annual conference every year. In addition to US HUPO, the organization has also organized three HUPO international conferences with multiple parties. This year’s US
During the HUPO conference, the organization’s multiple award results were announced. Among them, Professor Brian Chait of Rockefeller University won the 2021 Proteomics Lifetime Achievement Award, and the University of California’s PeiPei
Professor Ping won the 2021 Outstanding Contribution Award in Proteomics.

   The Proteomics Lifetime Achievement Award issued by US HUPO is called the”Catherine E. Costello Proteomics Lifetime Achievement Award”. From US
HUPO sponsorship was established to commemorate its first winner, Catherine E. Costello.

   Third Prize Winner (2021 ) Rockefeller University Brian T. Chait

   Professor Brian T. Chait has worked with Camille and Camille in the past 42 years. Henry Dreyfus
Professor Dreyfus is the head of the mass spectrometry and gaseous ion chemistry laboratory. Recently, he has been leading the National Resource Biomacromolecule Mass Spectrometry Laboratory funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Professor Chait has won multiple awards for his research on developing instruments and methods for the characterization of proteins, including 2002
ACS Mass Spectrometry Outstanding Achievement Award, 2007 HUPO Proteomics Outstanding Discovery Award and 2015 ASMS Mass Spectrometry Society Outstanding Contribution.

  List of previous winners:

  First Winner (2019) Catherine E. Costello, Boston University School of Medicine

   2nd Winner (2020) Ruedi Aebersold, ETH Zurich