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20 domestic instrument manufacturers are listed among China’s top 500 new economy enterprises

Recently, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association released the list of”2021 China’s top 500 new economy enterprises”. Tencent, Alibaba and ByteDance ranked in the top three, and 20 domestic instrument manufacturers including Mindray medical, sunny optics, Gaode infrared, BGI gene and nano micro technology also ranked on the list.

According to the tracking of the instrument information network, RuiChuang micro nano products involve infrared chips and thermal imagers, Huafeng measurement and control products involve semiconductor testing equipment, Meiya optoelectronic products involve color sorters and X-ray testing equipment, and precision measurement electronics provides semiconductor testing equipment. Mike bio recently announced the acquisition of PCR manufacturer Da microbiology for 166 million yuan, and Weigao group has made multiple investments in the layout of clinical mass spectrometry.

Details are as follows:

20 domestic instrument manufacturers on the list


Company abbreviation

Full name of the company



Mindray medical

Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd

eight hundred and eighty point four seven


Sunny optics

Sunny Group Co., Ltd



Gaude infrared

武汉Gaude infrared股份有限公司

seven hundred and seventy-six point four zero

one hundred and forty-two

BGI gene

深圳BGI gene股份有限公司

seven hundred and sixty-one point zero three

one hundred and fifty-one

RuiChuang Weina

烟台RuiChuang Weina技术股份有限公司

seven hundred and fifty-seven point six eight

one hundred and fifty-four

Nano micro technology

苏州Nano micro technology股份有限公司

seven hundred and fifty-four point eight seven

one hundred and ninety-five

Antu biology

郑州Antu biology工程股份有限公司

seven hundred and forty-two point five three

one hundred and ninety-seven

Shengxiang biology

Shengxiang biology科技股份有限公司

seven hundred and forty-two point four one

two hundred and twenty-three

Haier biology

青岛Haier biology医疗股份有限公司

seven hundred and thirty-seven point four seven

two hundred and thirty-five

Huafeng measurement and control

北京Huafeng measurement and control技术股份有限公司

seven hundred and thirty-three point six one

two hundred and forty-seven

Wanfu biology

广州Wanfu biology技术股份有限公司

seven hundred and twenty-nine point nine six

two hundred and forty-nine

Meiya Optoelectronics

合肥Meiya Optoelectronics技术股份有限公司

seven hundred and twenty-nine point three five

two hundred and fifty-eight

Daan gene

中山大学Daan gene股份有限公司

seven hundred and twenty-seven point seven seven

three hundred and seventy-two

Mike biology

Mike biology股份有限公司

seven hundred and two point four two

four hundred and fifteen

Pumen Technology

深圳Pumen Technology股份有限公司

six hundred and ninety-three point nine one

four hundred and forty-one

Dean diagnosis

Dean diagnosis技术集团股份有限公司

six hundred and eighty-nine point nine zero

four hundred and fifty

Weigao group

Weigao group有限公司

six hundred and eighty-eight point one one

four hundred and fifty-seven

Precise measurement of Electronics

武汉Precise measurement of Electronics集团股份有限公司

six hundred and eighty-seven point zero one

four hundred and eighty-two

Hot scenery organism

北京Hot scenery organism技术股份有限公司

six hundred and eighty-three point five three

four hundred and ninety-one

TITAN Technology

上海TITAN Technology股份有限公司

six hundred and eighty-two point three three

2021 China’s top 500 new economy enterprises