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2022 central China Science and education instrument and equipment exhibition helps Wuhan create a science and technology innovation center with national influence

It has long been news that Wuhan has become one of the”National Science and technology innovation center cities”, but the recent promotion to create a science and technology innovation center with national influence is due to the changes in the international situation and historical opportunities.

Not long ago, the Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Conference was held. Wang Zhigang, Minister of science and technology, came to convey the national layout of building Wuhan into a science and technology innovation center with national influence, emphasizing that it is a major layout of the construction of the national innovation system. It is necessary to focus on major strategic needs and advantageous areas of Hubei Province, strive to solve the”bottleneck” problem of key core technologies, and bravely assume the major mission and political responsibility of achieving high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement. Obviously, it is inevitable that Wuhan will enter the”first phalanx” of the national science and technology innovation center.

Wuhan Science and technology innovation center has entered the”first phalanx” in an all-round way, which is naturally inseparable from the comprehensive upgrading of R & D instrument technology.The 11th Central China Science and education instrument and technology equipment exhibition 2022 will open at Wuhan Optics Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center from September 27 to 29。 The scale is newly upgraded:Hall A1 displays scientific instruments and Life Sciences/Biotechnology, hall A2 displays scientific instruments and laboratory equipment, and hall A3 displays educational equipment/smart universities.

The 2022 central China Science and education instrument and equipment exhibition attracted more than a dozen regions, and hundreds of science and education instrument brands at home and abroad participated in the exhibition. The first batch of enterprises to settle in the special equipment exhibition include Huawei, iFLYTEK, Chinatelecom, Gaode, OTI, Fangyuan, Senta, YOUPU, bona, Haier, Jingxin, gredeman, Guoyi quantum, Saville, xinweilai, aerospace Cohen, Dongyi, boante, sanlai, IJIM, spectral, and xintianpu, The standard exhibition enterprises include Guohua, Kesheng, anjunyan, Taite Ruijie, Yinyuan, youmi, esson, Zhongke Zhongjia, Yingtai, bannuo, haotianhui, youlaibo, huashengyuan, Xinzhi, Yuejin, Yipu, Xiande, Junyi Oriental, Haipei, Qinxiang, Yilai, Aolan, Weimi, lepton, de’ante, Xiangrui, Hallelujah, Yinzhi, kingsler, Xiangxin, Minquan, Lumei Xinchuang, Great Wall Science and engineering, Jiangnan Yongxin Shi Qile, chuangxiang 3D, iridium crystal, Hengnuo, Ruipu, saifurui, fohe environment, Tiangen biochemical, Cisco Ming, suneng, heguan, Zhongzai, Tongwei, Laibu, Baiyang, lept, Mona, Jinyuan. The exhibition enterprises in Hubei include Meiyu, Tashi, Jindi, Taiwo, hengmaoda, bellaimei, xintianlian, Baima, Jinpo Jinyu, jiehengda, Guoliang, woteao, Ruihang Zhitong, Jintong Dewip and others will meticulously display cutting-edge technology products in the fields of analysis and testing, biochemical technology, laboratory equipment, educational equipment, smart campus and so on. It is expected that by the end of August, the three pavilions will be sold out, and there will be a collection of advanced scientific and educational equipment at home and abroad, helping Wuhan build a science and technology innovation center with national influence.

In 2022, the”14th five year plan” for the development of education in Hubei Province was also released. Hubei Province has embarked on a new journey of building a strong province in education. By 2025, the high-quality education system in Hubei Province will be basically completed, and breakthroughs will be made in the modernization of education.

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