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2022 scientist Choice Award – Best New Product Award in life science announced

Recently, SelectScience announced the 2022 scientists’ Choice Awards. The annual scientist selection award is designed to recognize new products that contribute significantly to laboratory work every year. Scientists around the world can vote for their favorite products and services.

Kerry Parker, CEO of SelectScience and Dr Lois manton-o’byrne, editorstayAmerican Association for cancer research (AACR)The winners of the 2022 scientists’ Choice Award were announced at the scene.

Best new product of life science in 2021

Beckman Kurt cytoflex SRT desktop cell sorter has become the ultimate winner of the best new life science products in life science in 2021.

Beckman Kurt’s cytoflex SRT desktop cell sorter

Cytoflex SRT desktop cell sorter is a desktop sorter capable of complex sorting logic, including 4-way sorting, mixed mode sorting, and the ability to capture, suspend and preserve precious cells. Purple blue yellow green red (v-b-y-r) series instruments with the highest configuration have 15 fluorescence detectors. Users can purchase sorters with different configurations according to their needs, and then upgrade to a higher configuration.


In addition,Nominated new life science products for this awardAs follows:

10x genomics single cell analysis platform chromium x

Oxford instrument andor desktop confocal microscope bc43

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BD FACSymphony ™ A5 se flow cytometry

Protein simple Abby automatic Western blot quantitative analysis system 

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Bio rad starlight dye starbright ultraviolet 400

BioTek cycle C10 live cell confocal imaging analysis system

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CytoSMART Exact FLAutomatic cell counter

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DNA script next generation enzymatic DNA synthesis printer syntax system

Sweden olink proteomics high throughput sequencing proteome product olink explore 3072

Kaijie gene qiaprep & amp; amp CRISPR Kits  

Thermo Fisher genome editor

Invitrogen ™ TrueDesign ™ Genome Editor

Zeiss automatic digital slide scanning system axioscan 7

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