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2500 yuan/set! Announcement of PCR instrument calibration service project of Shanghai Institute of measurement and measurement

Dear customer

In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government that”the epidemic should be prevented, the economy should be stabilized, and development should be safe”,Provide strong measurement technology support for epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development in the city,To fulfill the social responsibility of national public welfare measurement technology institutions, our instituteIt is planned to use real-time fluorescence quantification for the detection of novel coronavirus nucleic acid used in this cityPCRSpecial discount (about 40%discount) service activities are provided for the calibration of the instrument,byPCRMeter metering performanceAccurate and reliableProvide technical support,It is hereby announced as follows:

1、 Activity time:


2、 Technologybasis

    JJF 152seven-two thousand and fifteenCalibration specification for polymerase chain reaction analyzer

3、 Calibration fee:

Real time fluorescence quantificationPCRInstrument:two thousand and five hundredYuan/set

4、 Appointment method:

Fill in the attached table and send it to the mailbox  [email protected]

Real time fluorescence quantificationPCRSee the attached table for the appointment registration form of instrument calibration service.

Our hospital is carrying outReal time fluorescence quantificationPCR仪校准的同时,将无偿by实验室的仪器质量控制和期间核查等提供有价值的技术咨询。

Shanghai Institute of Metrology and testing technology


Real time fluorescence quantificationPCR仪校准服务预约登记表.doc