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30 million! Semefi, waters and Brooke share the procurement project of high resolution mass spectrometry of Beijing Institute of life sciences

Recently, the Beijing Institute of Life Sciences issued a bid winning announcement for the mass spectrometry procurement project, with a total budget of RMB 32.31 million. Three sets of high-resolution mass spectrometers need to be purchased, including ultra-high resolution combined tandem liquid mass spectrometer, quadrupole high-resolution combined liquid mass spectrometer, MALDI mass spectrometry imaging system and hydrogen deuterium exchange ion mobility high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer.

The requirements and uses of each set of mass spectrometry instruments are as follows:

Ultra high braid rate combined series liquid mass spectrometer:

Protein identification and quantitative analysis, post-translational modification analysis and so on.

Quadrupole high resolution combined liquid chromatography mass spectrometry:

Identification and quantitative analysis of proteins in proteomics.

MALDI mass spectrometry imaging system

1) Molecular weight determination of intact biological macromolecules and synthetic polymers.

2) Tissue imaging based on MALDI ionization technology

3) Multi level structure analysis of biological macromolecules, including sequence identification, sequencing, post-translational modification and so on.

Hydrogen deuterium exchange ion mobility high resolution time of flight mass spectrometer

1) Complete molecular weight determination and fragment analysis for biomolecules

2) Based on the principle of ion mobility, gas phase separation and collision cross section measurement of biomolecules were carried out

3) Automated hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry for advanced structural characterization of biological macromolecules

Project Overview:

1、 Project No.:oitc-g220310225 (Bidding Document No.:oitc-g220310225)

2、 Project Name:mass spectrometry bidding procurement project of Beijing Institute of Life Sciences

Bid winning situation:

It can be seen that semefi’s Orbitrap eclipse and exploris 480 won the bid with 18.18 million yuan, Brooke’s repoflex MALDI-TOF won the bid with 5.85 million yuan, and waters’s acquity uplcm-class synapt XS won the bid with 5.76 million yuan.