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“4 + X” layout for the 11th anniversary of the listing of spotlight technology to build a spotlight ecosystem

On April 15, 2022,Spotlight Technology 300203) 11th anniversary of listing. The company was established in 2002 and set up a laboratory R & D team in 2006 to start the R & D of core analytical technology platforms such as mass spectrometry, chromatography and spectroscopy; In 2011, the company began to undertake a series of national tasks and lay out the R & D of major scientific instruments; In 2015, we independently incubated and established spectrum education technology to realize the landing of technology industrialization and industrial application innovation. Up to now, the company has independently developed and built a full range of technical platforms for domestic high-end scientific instruments, expanded and mastered mature core technology platforms such as mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, chromatography, physicochemical and pretreatment, and gradually realized the independent innovation and substitution of domestic scientific instruments.

  Guojin securitiesresearch reportIt shows that the market scale of mass spectrometer, chromatograph and spectrometer in China will be about 14.2 billion, 10.7 billion and 6.7 billion in 2020. From 2016 to 2019, according to the procurement data of scientific instruments with more than 2 million yuan from the national development and Reform Commission, the proportion of domestic mass spectrometry equipment is only 1.19%, and the proportion of spectrum chromatography is only 0.24%. The proportion of domestic equipment is small, and there is a wide space for import substitution.

It is worth mentioning that as of the semi annual report of 2021,Spotlight TechnologyThe cumulative R & D investment has reached 2.5 billion yuan, and the company’s influence in the high-end science market has been increasing. In 2020, the company launched the first domestic inductively coupled plasma triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (icp-tqms), breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises in the market, and then launched the world’s first ExPEC 5250 gas/liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (GC/lc-tqms). In addition, in the field of portable GC-MS, the domestic market share of the company was 53%in 2020, which has an absolute leading advantage.

According to reports, since 2021,Spotlight TechnologyMore than 40 new products have been launched to meet the analytical needs and innovative applications of the four business markets:smart industry, smart environment, smart laboratory and life science.

In the smart environment sector, the company provides integrated platform services for collaborative management and control of atmospheric environment, whole basin management and control of water environment, accurate detection of soil environment, whole process management and control of pollution sources, integrated management and control of industrial parks, urban smart environmental protection, digital intelligence and dual carbon and other businesses in the fields of environmental quality, ecological quality, pollution source prevention and control, etc.

In the smart industry sector, the company’s products cover iron and steel metallurgy, coking coal chemical industry, petrochemical industryCement building materialsAnd other industrial processes, which is the application of”gas, liquid and solid” analysis and detectionsemiconductorProvide overall solutions for new industrial analysis and detection, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and provide comprehensive solutions for carbon detection technology in industrial processes and emissions.

In the life sciences sector, the company’s strategic layout includes four fields:basic research, clinical diagnosis, gene analysis and biopharmaceutical. At present, the company has completed the research and development of a number of independent innovative products and will be listed one after another.

In the smart laboratory sector, the company deeply studies the core technology platforms such as advanced analysis and detection technology and the combination of pretreatment automation, and provides customized products and comprehensive solutions for customers in many industries such as chemical industry, energy, geology and mining, food and medicine, disease control and so on.

  Spotlight Technology表示,“4+X”多对多业务布局,是指在智慧工业、智慧环境、智慧实验室与生命科学四大板块的基础上培育孵化新的技术平台和应用,形成创新的多个技术平台、多个客户群、多个应用场景交叉支撑的业务模式。另外,公司青山湖创新基地也已经投入使用,有望打通创新链,打造先进精密仪器全产业链,成为具备全球竞争力的中国“仪器谷”。

  对于未来,Spotlight Technology表示,公司将以“自主化研发”、“全球化营销”、“智能化生产”为核心链接,构建多元融合的行业生态体系,链动整合资源,实现聚光生态圈行业平台价值,与产业链上下游、合作伙伴、行业用户等共同发展。