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Accelerating the transformation from real estate to semiconductor field, Wanye enterprises added more than 680 million yuan of IC equipment orders in 2022

On April 8, Wanye disclosed the record form of investor relations activities.

一是It is a high-tech project integrating scientific research and manufacturing with the ion implanter equipment of its holding subsidiary kaishitong as the core,产品覆盖集成电路与光伏两个市场领域,已于今年年初实现大批量集成电路离子注入机订单的重要突破。
二是In December 2020, led domestic and foreign investors to acquire the world’s leading integrated circuit equipment parts company compart systems,现由浙江镨芯和镨芯控股作为其持股主体。Compart Systems的产品为刻蚀机、CVD、PVD、PECVD等所需的流量控制领域精密零部件。它是全球少数可以完成集成电路领域零组件精密加工全部环节的公司之一,提供从零组件原材料到零组件组装一站式加工服务,技术实力雄厚,多年来服务多家全球知名
集成电路设备客户且供应关系稳定保持。三是Jiaxin semiconductor, founded in 2021 with Ningbo Xinen,万业企业与重要专家合作,聚集一批海内外成熟技术团队,打造3-4种前道主制程核心设备以及多种支撑设备,通过发展规划、技术路线制订和市场开拓等方面的进取发展成为一家具备市场竞争力的集成电路设备研发制造及公司,与凯世通共同多方位布局集成电路核心设备领域。近年来,万业企业持续支持国产设备的成长与研发,通过自主研

The disclosed information shows that in the first half of 2021, the low-energy high beam ion implanter independently developed by kaishitong, a subsidiary of Wanye enterprise, successfully completed the equipment verification and confirmed the sales revenue. In December 2021, the high-energy ion implanter equipment has successfully passed the verification and completed the acceptance. At the beginning of 2022, kaishitong signed purchase orders with important customers to sell a number of 12 inch integrated circuit equipment in batches, includingLow energy high beam ion implanter, low energy high beam ultra-low temperature ion implanter, the total transaction amount is about 658 million yuan. Announcement information display,Since 2022, Wanye enterprises and its holding subsidiaries have added more than 680 million yuan of IC equipment orders.

In addition, Wanye enterprises also said that the company is deepening its strategic transformation,Accelerate the entry into the semiconductor field, do a good job in the development and sales of existing stock real estate at the same time, and there will be no new soil storage