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Achieve key technological innovation in drug research/industrialization | Zhang Guimin won the highest award

On June 22, standing on the podium of the highest prize for science and technology in Shandong Province, Zhang Guimin told his scientific research story:”my first feeling is that there is no shortcut in scientific research, which requires perseverance and long-term success…”

Perseverance and long-term achievements accurately summarize the 30-year scientific research path of the party secretary of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group, who has the temperament of both scientists and entrepreneurs. According to the information provided by Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology to the reporter of science and technology daily, Zhang Guimin won 219 invention patents as the first inventor, integrated and innovated more than 50 national level new drugs, won a national technological invention award and five national scientific and technological progress awards.

From the first-line technician in the workshop, to the head of the pilot workshop, to the head of the scientific research department and the chief engineer, to the helm of Lunan pharmaceutical, Zhang Guimin’s position is changing, and the word scientific research runs through all the time. The core mission is drug research and industrialization key technology innovation.

Engage in self-developed deep-water areas

Rosuvastatin calcium is internationally recognized as a powerful lipid regulating drug. In Zhang Guimin’s mind, this is its”most significant achievement”. But before 2008, its technological core was abroad, and Chinese people could only spend more money if they wanted to use it.

Zhang Guimin was unconvinced and threw down the sentence”we must break the cruel reality that the core is abroad” and devoted himself to the deep-water area of independent research and development.

10 years, 3653 days, 87672 hours. It is conceivable that it is difficult to bypass the mature technical barriers abroad and start a new research and development of new drugs. There are no holidays, no night and day, facing one scientific research mountain after another that is difficult to climb. Colleagues sighed,”he gave almost everything.”

Every generation has its mission. When the concept of self-reliance and self-improvement of high-level science and technology has already taken root in the heart, all problems are paving the way for researchers to be crowned the crown. Finally, Zhang Guimin led the team to solve many technical problems, such as the new synthesis technology of pyrimidine compound, the intermediate of rosuvastatin calcium mother nucleus, the crystallization technology of amorphous powder in metastable solution, and the confirmation of enantiomer impurities, and successfully constructed a new preparation system of rosuvastatin calcium, realizing large-scale industrialization.

Innovation needs ten years to sharpen a sword? Zhang Guimin said that he positioned many scientific research projects as”grinding a sword in 20 years”,”grinding a sword in 30 years”, and even”studying only one product for life”.

When the above projects won the second prize of the National Award for scientific and technological progress, Zhang Guimin, as the first person to complete the project, stood on the podium in the Great Hall of the people. He told himself,”all the efforts are worth it.”  

Never forget our predecessors’ journey night, and the grand event went smoothly to Chaoyang. Deep cultivation and innovation is Zhang Guimin’s original intention and his pursuit.

In the interview with Lunan pharmaceutical, the reporter was impressed by its three brands, which are three national scientific research platforms – the national chiral pharmaceutical engineering and technology research center, the National Engineering Laboratory for mammalian cell high expression, and the State Key Laboratory for generic technology of traditional Chinese medicine.

A technology-based private enterprise has three national scientific research platforms of chemical pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and traditional Chinese medicine, highlighting its foundation and strength. For Lunan pharmaceutical, which is a school run enterprise and has experienced 54 years of trials and tribulations, the logic of”building a platform – attracting talents – doing projects – producing results – promoting industry” is very clear.

Pay close attention to the”bull nose” of scientific and technological innovation

Scientific research activities are special creative labor of human beings. The success of scientific research activities depends not only on individuals, but also on the collaborative efforts of a large number of scientific and technological personnel, which depends on the best configuration of the scientific research team, but also on the organizers and managers of scientific research activities.

The reporter found that in Lunan pharmaceutical, the highest treatment is scientific researchers, and the best facilities are scientific research centers. There is no upper limit on scientific research funds, which is a real”scientific research special zone”. They invest more than 7%or even up to 18%of their sales revenue in research and development every year, and”top is not capped”.

Under the collaborative innovation system of”production, learning, research and application”, they build nests to attract Phoenix, cultivate and cultivate talents, and give full play to the value of talents. The scientific research team of more than 60 doctors and more than 1700 masters has input a steady stream of innovation power for the development of enterprises.

Thirteen years ago, researcher zhaozhiquan, the then head of Lunan pharmaceutical, won the highest science and Technology Award in Shandong Province; Thirteen years later, Zhang Guimin won the highest science and technology award of Shandong Province. In the history of Shandong science and technology awards, the two previous helmsmen of the same enterprise won the highest science and technology award.

What they have in common is their adherence to and support for scientific and technological innovation. Zhang Guimin, who has grown from a workshop Technician to the head of the enterprise step by step, understands that paying close attention to scientific and technological innovation will seize the”bull nose” of enterprise development.

Lunan pharmaceutical was originally run by intellectuals. Zhao Zhiquan and Zhang Guimin were born as researchers. Their attention to scientific research and innovation has naturally been inherited. It is this innovative gene rooted in the enterprise that makes Lunan pharmaceutical from a small factory on the verge of bankruptcy, creating a legend of tens of billions of today.

However, the pursuit of innovators is endless.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, listing is the end of drugs, but Zhang Guimin said that this is only the beginning, and the research and development behind it will not stop. It is this unremitting pursuit that keeps Lunan pharmaceutical young after half a century, and makes Zhang Guimin walk on the podium of Shandong science and technology highest award.