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Agilent officially certified refurbished instrument won the best environmental protection project award

July 21, 2022, Beijing – Agilent Technologies (NYSE:a) today announced that its officially certified refurbished instruments won the best project award in recognition of its outstanding achievements in reducing environmental waste. The award was presented by environment +energy leader, a leading publisher of best practices and research in environment, energy and sustainable development.

Agilent’s officially certified refurbished instruments provide Agilent lab customers with more choices. They can sell back the used analytical instruments to Agilent, or choose to trade them in. Customers can also choose to return the instrument to Agilent for green recycling.

Agilent will refurbish the old equipment according to the standards of new instruments, and then resell it to customers who want to choose high-performance products due to budget constraints. For instruments that cannot meet Agilent’s high standard renovation requirements, the company will carefully evaluate, reuse good parts and recycle other parts as much as possible.

Only in fy2021, Agilent

• Repurchased more than 900 second-hand instruments from customers;

• More than 3500 certified refurbished instruments have been sold;

• Through this plan, 2000 instruments were recovered.

Agilent’s official certification of refurbished instruments is one of the key points of Agilent’s many initiatives in environmental, social and Governance (ESG), and it is also an important supplement to the sustainable plan of other products of the company. Our sustainability plan for products also includes:

• design and use analytical instruments that consume less energy and produce less waste;

• using the product labels independently reviewed by my green lab can provide customers with important information about the environmental footprint of products;

• develop digital technologies such as crosslab connect to enable customer laboratories to operate more efficiently through automation, artificial intelligence and virtual technology;

• the certified refurbished instrument program also advances Agilent’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

About Agilent

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