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Analytical chemistry cover article I scanning electrochemical microscope for nano scale high-resolution image testing

“Root” is different

——Realization of nanometer scale by scanning electrochemical microscope

High resolution image test

Recently, Liugen, a doctoral student in the research group of Professor Ma Lei from the nano center of Tianjin University (ticnn), used the self-developed ~50 nm probe and the scheme of minimizing the applied voltage to realize scanning electrochemical nano level imaging, effectively solving the stability problem of droplet tip in seccm high-resolution imaging. His paper topology mapping with scanning electrical cell microscopy was published in the Journal of analytical chemistry as a cover article.

△ seccm nanometer high resolution image

The scanning electrochemical microscope can simultaneously obtain the local morphology and electrochemical information of the studied surface of the sample. The scanning probe contacts the sample through semilunar droplets, which does not damage the morphology of the sample and does not require complex pretreatment such as dehydration, solidification, metal spraying, etc. It can also transfer quantitative substances to the surface of materials through a pipette, so seccm has a wide range of applications in nano material deposition, electrochemical micro sensors and electrocatalysis.

△ the picture shows Liu gen, winner of Park AFM scholarship in 2022, and park NX10 atomic force microscope

After repeated tests and experiments, the research group finally obtained high-resolution images at the nanometer level by using the self-developed ~50 nm diameter probe and seccm test scheme. At the same time, the morphology of ~45 nm self-assembled monolayer gold nanoparticles and the active image of electrochemical hydrogen production reaction were also successfully obtained. This research result can not only realize the routine testing of seccm at the nano scale, but also obtain the morphology and electrochemical activity information of samples at the same time. This research achievement has taken a solid and important step for the real routine test, and greatly expanded the application of seccm in different fields.

Sharp tools make good work. Park NX 10 played an important role in this study.”A small probe of about 50 nm is used in the seccm test, which means that the current is low at the PA level. Most of the time, this value will be less than 1.0 Pa. this has a very high requirement for the stability of the system. The park NX 10 system can well meet this requirement. In addition, the z-direction displacement table of the park AFM system can operate stably for 0.1 μ M/s needle feeding speed provides a high resolution of 0.1 nm, which meets the extremely high requirements for hardware in seccm measurement and greatly increases the feasibility and success rate of the test.” Liu Gen said.

△ Parker AFM scholarship Certificate in 2022

Here, Park said that it would spare no effort to launch AFM that is easy to operate, accurate in measurement, and innovative in upgrading for users to help scientific research. And I wish Professor Ma Lei and his research team more excellent scientific research achievements in the foreseeable future, which will add luster to the National Nanotechnology!