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Anhui released the 2022″unveiling the top” list task to support large-area dynamic X-ray imaging sensors

Recently, Anhui Province released the task of”uncovering the list and taking the lead” in two0twotwo.

The list focuses on the research and development of new laser wafer cutting technology, the research and development and industrialization of large-area dynamic X-ray imaging sensors, the research and verification of key technologies for cross domain collaboration of commercial aerospace constellation clusters, the research on Key Technologies of high-performance MEMS transducer chips for the new generation of ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment, the development and application of large shield ultra-high-performance hobs and atmospheric pressure tool changing equipment, the technical breakthrough of domestic large aircraft complex cavity thin-wall casing Key technologies for the preparation of acrylic plates shielded from X-ray, gamma ray and mixed field radiation, key technologies and industrialized application of high-strength non oriented electrical steel for new energy vehicle driving motor, key technologies research and development of high-strength transparent glass ceramics, green creation and industrialization project of plant protection drug oxadiazone, innovative technologies and new varieties breeding of maize density and rust resistant germplasm, construction of soybean”intelligent sterile line” and industrialized application of molecular breeding Support in all element comprehensive utilization technology and demonstration of waste lithium iron phosphate batteries, R & D and industrialization of key technologies for green high-value manufacturing of lipid drugs based on biological chassis, and development of key technologies such as two00kW high-power fuel cell stacks and core components.

For the projects that have been successfully announced and approved, Anhui provincial finance will adopt the free subsidy method to provide the sponsor with supporting support of up to 10million yuan/item; For relevant regional projects that meet the provisions of several policies for supporting scientific and technological innovation (WZ [two017] No. 5two), the support funds will be increased by two0%.

The list task details are as follows:

1、 Research and development of new laser wafer cutting technology

Demand objective:Develop laser stealth cutting technology and complete set of equipment based on spatial light modulator. Technical difficulties to be solved:

1. research and development of high-precision air floating platform. The system can achieve the repeated positioning accuracy of ± 1um, and can achieve the maximum acceleration of 3G and the movement speed of two000mm/s.

two. the optical path involves the realization of spatial modulation of laser. Through GS algorithm, simulated annealing algorithm and other technologies, the input phase hologram is calculated by the final three-dimensional layout of the laser spot, so as to achieve high-efficiency and high-quality hologram calculation.

3. cutting focus Z-direction dynamic compensation. The displacement sensor and the focusing optical axis are installed in parallel with the scribing direction. The wafer surface fluctuation information collected by the displacement sensor is transmitted to the nano motor for real-time compensation of the focus according to the wafer plane fluctuation to achieve the purpose of real-time dynamic focusing.

4. variable shaping facula control system. Cutting of different widths, lens design, manufacturing index and coating index are realized, and the system accuracy is completely autonomous and controllable.

5. research and development of optical path automatic stability system to ensure the sustainable and stable operation of the equipment in harsh environment.

Achievement form:Laser stealth cutting technology and complete equipment based on spatial light modulator.

Technical indicators:

two、 Development and industrialization of large area dynamic X-ray imaging sensor

Demand objective:By using the developer’s high-performance metal oxide thin film transistor semiconductor device R & D and manufacturing platform, R & D and design a large-area dynamic X-ray imaging sensor, establish a full set of process flow, determine the complete process conditions, and ensure that the platform can be produced stably for a long time, and the manufacturing cost is basically consistent with the manufacturing cost under the technical conditions of amorphous silicon thin film transistor.

Achievement form:A large area dynamic X-ray imaging sensor based on cesium iodide scintillator and metal oxide thin film transistor optical sensing substrate technology is produced.

Technical indicators:Size ≥ 43cm × 43cm。 The electron mobility of metal oxide thin film transistors is ≥ 7cmtwo/(V · s), TFT leakage current ≤ 10e-14A,TFT器件PBTS≤twoV、|NBTIS|≤twoV,光量子效率≥70%(550nm);X射线成像传感器器件空间分辨率≥5lp/mm;实现大面积动态X射线成像传感器产业化生产。

3、 Research and verification on Key Technologies of cross domain collaboration of commercial space constellation cluster

Demand objective:Taking the large-scale Leo remote sensing constellation cluster as the application background, this paper studies and verifies the key technologies of cross domain collaboration of commercial space constellation cluster, and realizes the overall collaborative task planning, distributed execution, and unified operation control management and sharing of satellite ground resources. Technical difficulties to be solved:

1. demand reasoning and intelligent optimization based on user knowledge portrait;

two. 面向星座集群的星地一体化协同技术;

3. resource service-oriented packaging technology based on unified standards;

4. cross domain collaborative verification system for constellation cluster.

Achievement form:

1. build an operation control standard specification system for commercial constellation cluster satellites;

two. 提出基于用户知识画像的需求推理与智能优化方法,并完成工程化验证;

3. put forward a constellation cluster oriented satellite ground integration collaboration method, and complete the engineering verification;

4. overcome the resource service-oriented packaging technology based on unified standards and complete engineering verification;

5. propose a constellation cluster oriented cross domain collaborative task planning method, and complete the engineering verification;

6. develop a set of satellite database covering multiple loads and constellations (including but not limited to orbit parameters, attitude constraints, imaging resolution and other parameters);

7. develop a cross domain collaborative task planning platform system for constellation clusters;

8. research and develop the prototype verification system of constellation cluster unified test, operation and control center;

9. apply for 10 patents and software copyrights;

10. cultivate at least 5 postgraduates.

Technical indicators:

1. collaboration capability

1) Number of supported constellations:no less than 10 (exceeding the total number of domestic planned commercial constellations);



4) Effective utilization rate of station network resources:not less than 60%(average value).

two. 处理能力:集中调度two4h内的任务数量100个以上,处理时间小于twomin;

3. Concurrency:more than 10000 users can be accessed at the same time, supporting public users to submit reports concurrently;

4. scenario support:support conventional remote sensing, emergency remote sensing, disaster remote sensing, wartime and other scenarios, and reserve and expand interfaces with civil satellites and special satellites;

5. 可视化能力:卫星、任务需求、地面站等的twoD、3D显示。

4、 Research on Key Technologies of high performance MEMS transducer chip for new generation ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment

Demand objective:Aiming at the lumify handheld ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment instrument cMUT product of Philips in the Netherlands, which is an international advanced level, we carried out research on Key Technologies of design, manufacturing, packaging and interface circuit of high-performance cMUT chip for the new generation of ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment, broke through engineering technologies such as low power consumption, low cost, high resolution and three-dimensional real-time imaging, developed commercial products, and promoted the application of intelligent portable and handheld ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment equipment. Technical difficulties to be solved:

1. high performance cMUT multi field coupling mechanism and array structure design technology;

two. 兼容CMOS的高密度二维阵列CMUT批量化、高可靠制备技术;

3. low stress packaging and testing technology that well matches the acoustic impedance of human body;

4. low power twoD array cMUT interface circuit design technology.

Achievement form:

1. one set of high performance cMUT design technical report;

two. 高性能CMUT高可靠工艺设计及制备报告1套;

3. a set of high-performance cMUT chip identification documents and experimental test reports, and the products have been identified by Anhui provincial or industry associations and have been sold;

4. apply for more than 5 patents, including 3 invention patents.

Technical indicators:

CMUT阵列数≥8×8;中心频率≥3MHz,分数带宽≥1two0%(-6dB);阵元单位面积发射灵敏度≥1.5kPa/V/mmtwo, receiving sensitivity ≥ 10 µ v/pa/mmtwo

5、 Development and application of large-scale shield super high performance hob and atmospheric pressure tool changing equipment

Demand objective:Develop ultra-high performance hob and atmospheric pressure tool changing equipment for large shield working conditions. The key technical difficulties to be broken through include tool design, tool material preparation technology, tool integrated manufacturing technology (machining, heat treatment, laser surface treatment, welding, assembly, detection), comprehensive evaluation of tool performance and key technologies of atmospheric pressure tool change.

Achievement form:

1. master the key technologies such as induction heating and laser cladding for the preparation of ultra-high performance hobs and atmospheric pressure tool changing equipment.

two. 申请专利10项,其中发明专利5项,获授权发明专利two项;发表相关中英文学术论文5篇。

3. 发布企业标准two项;形成新产品two项,新装置two项,新工艺5项。

Technical indicators:

1. 刀圈有梯度硬度变化,整体平均硬度达到50HRC,刀盘表层硬度达到55-65HRC,硬质合金刀尖部分70-80HRC。刀圈芯部吸收功AKU大于two0J。

two. 研制新型常压换刀设备,攻克常压换刀设备的结构件和密封件长寿命及稳定性技术,实现开关500次仍满足密封要求。

3. develop high-strength wear-resistant gate, overcome the multi-layer sealing technology with high water pressure and long life, design the guiding and positioning shaft sleeve device, develop a complete set of closed tool changing equipment under ultra-high water pressure and normal pressure, and form the replacement process specification.

6、 Technical research on complex cavity thin wall casing of domestic large aircraft

Demand objective:Solve the technical problems of integral casting of key structural parts such as aerospace engine bearing pedestal, realize accurate dimensional control of domestic large aircraft complex structural parts, master the deformation law of key dimensions, and control the quality of inspection and repair of casting metallurgical defects. At the same time, the dimensions and performance of wax molds and shells in the manufacturing process are guaranteed, so as to obtain complete process parameters, process flow documents Process specification and qualified bearing seat parts. Technical difficulties to be solved:

1. research on pouring process of high metallurgical quality castings;

two. 完成全尺寸轴承座铸件铸造应力、缺陷及组织调控控制技术研究;

3. research on Nondestructive Testing Technology of bearing seat castings;

4. complete the research on the preparation process of photosensitive resin parts and variable strength mold shell of rapid prototyping bearing pedestal;

5. research on full-scale accurate control technology of bearing pedestal;

6. development of mold stabilizing tooling for the whole process bearing seat casting;

7. research on hot isostatic pressing process of bearing seat castings.

Achievement form:

1. the design data documents and process specifications of the casting gating system of the bearing seat shall be compiled according to the requirements of XXXXX;

two. 轴承座铸件快速成型光敏树脂模型数据;

3. NDT report of bearing seat casting;

4. dimension inspection report of bearing seat casting;

5. one set of wax mold and finalized tooling;

6. one patent generated during research and development.

Technical indicators:

1. the bearing seat is integrally cast, and the surface is free of cracks, pits and other casting defects;

two. 轴承座关键区域采用X射线检测,按XXXXX验收;

3. the key areas of the bearing pedestal shall be subject to fluorescent detection, with level 3 sensitivity, and shall be accepted as per xxxxx;

4. the dimensional accuracy of the bearing seat casting meets the drawing requirements, and the surface roughness ra=6.3;

5. the chemical composition and mechanical properties of bearing seat castings shall be accepted as per xxxxx;

6. conduct pressure test on the designated area of the casting, pressurize it to 0.1mpa-0.14mpa, and put the parts into water without leakage;

7. castings shall be delivered in the state of homogenization + hot isostatic pressing + solution heat treatment.

Note:xxxxx is the customer acceptance specification, which cannot be published due to confidentiality. The unit that exposes the list can contact us after officially exposing the list. It will be provided separately after signing the confidentiality agreement.

7、 Key technologies for the preparation of acrylic plates shielded from X-ray, gamma ray and mixed field radiation

Demand objective:Study shielding X-rays and γ Sub – radiation of rays and mixed fields克力板材制备关键技术,开发一种光学透明度好、质轻性韧,良好加工性能的新型材料。需重点突破的技术难点:防辐射材料的透明度;防辐射材料的铅当量;防辐射材料的光/热/辐照稳定性;X射线/γ射线及混合场辐射防护。

Achievement form:

1. 提供具有防护X射线/γ射线及混合场辐射的亚克力板材样品,厚度为5-8-10-18-twotwomm等不同规格。

two. 供1-two家医疗单位或防辐射应用企业实际应用测试,并提供用户测试报告。

3. 申请国家发明专利two项。

Technical indicators:

1. 防护X射线铅有机玻璃屏蔽板(以某一种规格举例)








two. 防护γ射线有机玻璃屏蔽版


3. 防护X射线/γ射线混合场辐射有机玻璃屏蔽板



Demand objective:新能源汽车驱动电机用无取向电工钢制造及产业化。需重点突破的技术难点:

1. 建立新能源汽车驱动电机用无取向电工钢成分体系;

two. 形成新能源汽车驱动电机用无取向电工钢生产流程关键技术,保证生产过程顺行,产品质量稳定;

3. 建立新能源汽车驱动电机用无取向电工钢综合性能(高强度、低铁损、高磁感)调控机制,保证成品磁性能、力学性能达到理想水平;

4. 形成15万吨/年新能源汽车驱动电机用电工钢带示范生产线,并开发5个以上系列化新产品牌号。

Achievement form:

1. 科技成果:开发新能源汽车驱动电机用无取向电工钢5个以上牌号,制定相应标准和规范two-3项。

two. 知识产权:发明专利申请数10项,发表论文5篇,技术秘密two0项。

3. 形成年产15万吨薄规格高牌号电工钢制造示范线。

4. 形成技术标准、技术规范two-3项。

Technical indicators:











Demand objective:针对移动终端用盖板玻璃对耐摔、耐刮擦、耐冲击等性能的需求,实现高强透明微晶玻璃的规模化制备。需重点突破的技术难点:

1. 研制高强度高透过率微晶玻璃组成配方;

two. 微晶玻璃熔制、压延成型技术攻关;

3. 解决微晶玻璃的后端加工和应用技术问题。

Achievement form:



Technical indicators:密度two.4~two.6g/cm3;弹性模量>95GPa;强化前硬度>700kgf/mmtwo;强化后硬度>750kgf/mmtwo;断裂韧性≥1.0MPa·m1/two;膨胀系数70-80(10-7/K);软化点<800(107.6dPa·S(℃));折射率<1.58ND;透光率≥90%;应力层深度≥100μm;跌落情况(实测数据)≥1.8m(180目砂纸(two.5D))。


Demand objective:植保药物噁草酮的经济性、安全性和低碳性工业化开发和生产。需重点突破的技术难点:

1. 设计新合成路线,从基础原料出发仅通过4-6步合成原药,并且绕开硝化,氢化,重氮化,氯化亚锡还原,高压强酸(四氯化锡)氢化等高危工艺;

two. 每一步反应均不能涉及强酸、强碱、强氧化性等高腐蚀性和高危险性物料;

3. 工艺条件温和、能耗低、最大量减少碳的排放;

4. 经济性要高,避免使用昂贵且不能回收的试剂和催化剂;

5. 使用商业可得或者具有自主知识产权的催化剂,不能受国外厂家的制约;

6. 整体合成路线和工艺要达到工业化生产的要求。

Achievement form:探索开发一种优于现有的噁草酮的技术研究路径和技术实施方案,达到工业生产放大的水平,获得噁草酮生产的新技术新工艺;申请发明专利(WO专利)3项,实用新型6-8项;发表SCI专业论文5-6篇;制定企业标准项4项。

Technical indicators:

1. 工艺路线能耗降低40%,三废降低50%;

two. 工艺路线官能团转化(化学反应)减少3至6个;

3. 新工艺产品含量达到97%以上(噁草酮原药GB/T twotwo173-two0two1要求95%)。


Demand objective:综合利用基因编辑、EMS诱变、双单倍体育种等现代生物技术,精准定位、高效聚合耐密、抗南方锈病有利基因,打破基因连锁,实现玉米育种技术的重大创新,精准高效创制优良种质资源,培育耐密、抗南方锈病突破性新品种,突破我省及黄淮海区域玉米产量和品质大幅提升的“卡脖子”技术,促进农民增产增收,保障国家粮食安全。需重点突破的技术难题:

1. 玉米耐密抗锈病种质高效创制技术;

two. 玉米耐密抗锈病优良自交系选育与精准鉴选技术;

3. 选育耐密抗锈病突破性玉米新品种;

4. 玉米耐密抗锈病新品种适配生产技术集成与示范推广。

Achievement form:

1. 技术成果:快速精准定位耐密、抗南方锈病基因位点,打破玉米耐密、抗南方锈病基因连锁,实现有利基因精准高效聚合,实现玉米育种技术的重大创新与突破。通过精准定位耐密抗锈病基因,结合基因编辑技术和双单倍体育种,打破玉米耐密、抗南方锈病基因连锁,实现有利基因精准高效聚合,逆境穿梭选择,表型精准鉴定,建立精准高效育种技术体系缩短育种周期,将自交系创制鉴选周期由6-7代缩短至1-two代。

two. 产品成果:培育出适宜安徽及黄淮海区域的耐密性、抗南方锈病的突破性玉米新品种1-two个,对标国内推广面积最大的先玉335(美国先锋公司):耐密性提高10%以上,产量提高10%以上,南方锈病抗性由高感提高至高抗;同时大面积生产产量较安徽目前平均单产增加two0%以上。


1. 建立玉米种质高效创制技术1-two项,绿色高效生产技术模式1项;

two. 发掘调控耐密、抗锈病的主效基因和遗传位点10-15个;

3. 创建two0-30份抗锈病能力强,适宜密植的玉米新种质,鉴定优良玉米新组合15-two0个,筛选高配合力自交系two-3个;

4. 选育目标性状优良的玉米新品种3-5个。其中,国审1-two个;

5. 申报专利two-3项,发表论文3-5篇;

6. 新品种累计示范推广300万亩,亩增产50公斤,实现粮食增产1.5亿公斤,农民增收3.75亿元以上。


Demand objective:大豆“智控不育系”构建与分子育种产业化应用,需重点突破的技术难点:

1. 创制高效“智控不育系”,实现细胞核杂交大豆“三系”配套;

two. 筛选强优势杂交组合,实现大豆优质、高产协同提升;

3. 建立智能育种技术体系,培育突破性大豆新品种;

4. 建成智慧化种子生产基地,实现大豆分子育种技术产业化。

Achievement form:

1. 构建可以用于大豆细胞核雄性不育杂交制种的多控智能不育系1-two个。

two. 构建生产上大面积应用品种为背景的高产优质协同提高的强优势杂交组合1-two个,新品种比生产上大面积应用品种单产提高15%以上。

3. 利用智能不育系选配强优势杂交组合two0-30个;培育产量性状有突破性的大豆分子育种新品种(系)1-two个。

4. 建成1个智能化杂交大豆制种和种子生产基地,打造现代化分子设计育种平台,确保大豆杂交制种和分子育种技术全链条产业化。

Technical indicators:

1. 创制雄性不育系的周期<two个大豆生育期;


3. 选育的新品种能较好适应安徽淮河以北气候条件。

4. 新种质在产量构成要素和品质指标方面的配合力方面达到国内领先水平。



7. 制种生产基地整体实现水肥一体化管网全覆盖,日常操作机械化率 100%,管理自动化程度60%以上。


Demand objective:研发一套完整的磷酸铁锂电池全元素回收工艺与示范生产线,满足国家对固废无害化处理及资源化相关政策要求。需重点突破的技术难点:

1. 废旧磷酸铁锂电池无害化破碎处理研究,包括拆解、梯级利用筛选、新型热解技术、高效分离封装材料和正负极混合材料。正负极材料分离率要求达到96%,其他元素高于95%。热解实现二恶英低排放且尾部废气净化设施满足国家环保标准。

two. 优选针对磷酸铁锂电池正负极混合材料优先选择性提锂的化学试剂,在控制杂离子钠、钾的引入量的条件下,保证锂的回收率达到90%以上,明显优于目前行业实际水平,并具有经济实用性。

3. 针对液相中的锂,设计环境友好的工艺以及专用结晶器,在不增加环保压力的条件下,制备高值化锂产品。

4. 设计的磷酸铁与石墨材料绿色分离技术与工艺。对提锂后的磷酸铁与碳材料,设计绿色分离工艺,得到有经济性的铁、碳产品。

Achievement form:

1. 研发出废旧磷酸铁锂动力电池回收处理技术,实现磷酸铁锂动力电池资源化,锂分离回收效率达到90%以上。实现工业级别废旧磷酸铁锂动力电池资源化再利用,电池全元素回收效率达到或优于行业标准,形成废旧磷酸铁锂电池全元素综合利用工艺包。

two. 建立废旧磷酸铁锂动力电池资源化高效回收、年处理量 5000吨示范线1条。

3. 发明专利5项、实用新型专利5项;制定企业标准3项,编制行业标准1项;发表高水平学术论文8篇。

产品Technical indicators:

1. 建立废旧磷酸铁锂电池全元素回收处理工艺技术解决方案1套。

two. 分别设计锂、铁、磷、碳回收工艺,锂分离回收率达到90%以上,铁、磷、碳回收率高于95%。如果无法制备钠、钾高值产品,分离工艺中控制钠、钾元素的加入量低于现有工艺水平。

3. 磷酸铁锂动力电池封装材料和正负极混合材料无害化拆解分离处理。铜粉、铝粉纯度≥90%,隔膜纯度≥98%,正负极混合材料回收率≥96%,正负极混合材料纯度≥97%,热解炉二恶英排放量减少80%,且满足粉尘、废气国家排放标准。

4. 阐明磷酸体系中铁、锂选择性溶解原则,建立分子尺度的选择性提锂机理;建立针对磷酸铁锂动力电池正负极混合材料优先选择性提锂的示范流程,锂浸出率不低于 95%,金属锂的浓度不低于30g/L。

5. 阐明锂沉淀结晶的分子动力学过程,揭示结晶器结构对锂沉淀结晶晶型与纯度的影响关系;设计、制造锂专用沉淀结晶器1台,要求实现结晶、洗涤、过滤一体化,锂结晶收率不低于90%。

6. 设计的磷酸铁与石墨碳材料绿色分离技术与工艺流程1个。对提锂后的磷酸铁与碳材料,设计绿色分离工艺,得到有经济性的铁、碳产品。


Demand objective:在现有苦胆、脑干等原料基础上,拓展动物血液、禽类胆汁等动物副产物原料来源,建立脂类药物高质量高效绿色合成技术体系,实现脂类药物绿色高值化制造。同时,突破畜禽屠宰加工副产物功能脂质特色资源高值化利用的技术瓶颈,并系列化开发畜用产品。需重点突破的技术难点:

1. 构建生物底盘解决共表达多催化酶、辅酶NADP+再生和底物转运的不适配问题;

two. 构建生物底盘解决利用相对廉价中间体合成高价值的胆固醇和鹅去氧胆酸脂质药物;

3. 基于构建的生物底盘所形成的合成细胞工厂,开展发酵和分离关键技术的研发。

Achievement form:

1. 生物底盘成果与技术指标


two. 脂类药物成果形式及产品质量技术指标


产品Technical indicators:

1. 胆红素





1)胆红素水解酶及水解率:猪胆汁水解时间 two-4h,水解率 ≥99%(游离胆红素/结合型胆红素×100%);


two. 胆固醇







1)胆固醇的转化:底物的浓度 5%-10%,转化时间≤8h,转化率≥99%;


3. 熊去氧胆酸











Demand objective:本项目旨在开发具有高比功率、单堆功率大于two00kW燃料电池电堆及关键核心技术,解决核心部件“卡脖子”问题,包括高性能膜电极技术、强化传质流场技术、导电耐腐蚀薄金属双极板技术、电堆组装与一致性技术、环境适应性技术、量产工艺与制造技术。

Achievement form:


产品Technical indicators:

1. 燃料电池电堆

1)电堆产品主要Technical indicators:





two)开展产业化制造关键工艺技术研发,并实现以下Technical indicators:



two. 膜电极

1)膜电极产品主要Technical indicators:





two)基于卷对卷涂布工艺的关键技术研发(CCM匹配软碳纸),验证膜电极设计的可制造性和一致性,并实现以下Technical indicators:

膜电极性能一致性:±[email protected]/cmtwo





3. 金属双极板

1)产品主要Technical indicators:





two)金属极板产业化制造关键工艺技术研发,验证膜电极设计的可制造性和一致性,并实现以下Technical indicators: