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Another magazine! New achievements in rapid detection of micro Plastics!

Research has confirmed that the main source of micro plastics in the human body is not only plastic products in life, but also seafood we usually eat.

So,Where does microplastics come from?

According to relevant reports, seafood seems to be the most well-known source of microplastics for human consumption. Because of this, in recent years, the impact of micro plastic pollution on aquaculture aquatic products has attracted widespread attention.

The micro plastics in the fishery environment mainly come from the degradation of large plastic waste on land and the use of plastics in the breeding process. Long term exposure to high concentration micro plastics will greatly affect the quality and safety of aquatic organisms and reproductive development.

Top new technology:rapid detection and removal of microplastics in freshwater and mariculture environments

Recently, associate researcher Wu Lidong of the quality and standards research center of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences cooperated with the fishery ecological environment laboratory of the East China Sea Fisheries Research InstituteDeveloped a magnetic nano material (mamm) that can rapidly enrich micro plastics in fishery environment (freshwater and mariculture environment)

This achievement was published in the Journal of hazardous materials, a top journal of environmental science.The composite material has an effect on a variety of typical microplastics with different particle sizes in water, and can control the size of magnetic nanoparticles by adjusting pH, so as to realize rapid separation of microplastics in a strong magnetic field for 30 seconds.

In order to better promote the development of microplastics detection technology, the online lecture hall invited the corresponding author of the paper, associate researcher Wu Lidong of China Academy of Fishery Sciences, to share wonderful technology on August 25.

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At the same time, the special guest of this meeting, researcher Chen Lingxin of Yantai Coastal Zone Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, will share the latest research progress of the research group in the pretreatment technology of analyzing new pollutants in the offshore environment

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