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Approved for listing! Kaijie automatic nucleic acid extractor has been approved for the filing of class I medical devices

Following the approval of Qiagen China’s domestic automatic nucleic acid extractor qiacube connect to the market, recently EZ2 connect automatic nucleic acid extractor has again obtained the filing approval of class I medical devices. Qiagen China will continue to build a new concept of domestic nucleic acid extractor solutions in the future era and continue to benefit the Chinese market.

EZ2 connect automatic intelligent sample preparation workstation (click to view)

“I’m very glad that EZ2 connect automatic nucleic acid extractor has obtained the filing approval of class I medical devices for the first time, which is another milestone in the progress of Kaijie’s localization strategy in China.”Ms. kongyi, general manager of Kaijie Greater ChinaSaid,”we will continue to rely on Kaijie Shenzhen as a localization incubator to accelerate the process of all-round localization projects involving Kaijie instruments, reagents and consumables with higher efficiency“

The approved EZ2 connect automatic nucleic acid extractor can purify up to 24 samples at the same time in just 20 minutes, truly realizing the full-automatic operation of”sample in, nucleic acid out”. EZ2 connect is widely used, including the purification of gDNA from blood and tissues, including FFPE samples; Free nucleic acids were purified from up to 8ml serum and plasma; Purify RNA (including miRNA) from cells and tissues and purify viral nucleic acid from various samples.

Features of EZ2 connect automatic nucleic acid extractor:

Simultaneous purification of DNA and RNA from up to 24 samples

Pre installed kit for high reproducibility and convenience

Equipped with internal heating cracking and liquid transfer module to reduce pretreatment work

It can process large volume samples and obtain high yield and high sensitivity results

Use the qisphere intelligent connection system to remotely monitor the experimental process

EZ2 connect is an upgraded product of EZ1 advanced XL, which has been recognized by the market before. It can be compatible with all EZ1 advanced kits. At the same time, with the introduction of more new products, it is more suitable for nucleic acid purification of clinical samples.

The continuous approval and listing of the domestic clinical full-automatic nucleic acid extractor EZ2 connect and qiacube connect of Qiagen China (Qiagen) not only accelerated the process of importing Germany’s product technology into China, but also pushed the localization strategy of Qiagen to a new height. Capgemini China will also continue its in China, for China strategy and contribute to China’s medical and health undertakings.