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“Bazhangda” new crown nucleic acid quick test product has obtained CE certification

A rapid, accurate and convenient detection method is urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control. At present, fluorescent quantitative PCR is the gold standard for sars-cov-2 nucleic acid detection. Qunzhun has launched a portable new crown nucleic acid rapid detection product, which has overcome many bottlenecks of traditional nucleic acid and antigen detection methods, and recently obtained the EU CE certification.

The rapid detection kit for sars-cov-2 nucleic acid, the 5-minute rapid RNA extraction method (rapid nucleic acid release agent) and the supporting portable detection equipment (portable constant temperature amplification detector) developed by quantum precision,The whole detection process from sample processing to nucleic acid constant temperature amplification can be completed within 30 minutes, the”one-stop” solution has realized the rapid, accurate and convenient detection and diagnosis of the nucleic acid of the novel coronavirus.

Founded in 2016, quantum precision group focuses on smart biomedical technology. Since its inception, it has been committed to providing all-round smart medical testing products and solutions for medical institutions and consumers. Over the years, it has cooperated with many top universities and research units in China and the United States to independently develop professional technologies and products. At present, it has dozens of national and international patents, The company is constantly promoting the most cutting-edge biomedical sensing products to benefit the society and many families and fulfill its mission.