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Billion yuan round B financing | deep research biology focuses on the research and development of automatic experimental platform for gene therapy and cell therapy

Recently, Shenzhen Shenyan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of a billion yuan round B financing. This round of financing was led by storow capital, followed by jiufite investment and juke investment. An internationally renowned industrial group, an old shareholder, continued to follow the investment, and Xinghan capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser. The funds raised in this round will be used for the research and development of the company’s intelligent production equipment platform for cell therapy and market expansion at home and abroad, and will further strengthen the research and development of virus vector mass production technology. According to the company’s data, Shenyan biology, founded in 2014, is a scientific and technological enterprise focusing on the research and development of core technologies and core processes in the field of gene therapy and cell therapy. The company is committed to finding innovative ways in the field of life science through the cross integration and technological innovation of computer science, electronic engineering, nano materials, chemical engineering and other disciplines with life science, so as to make the rapid evolution of life science and technology, and gradually solve a series of key technical problems in the fields of gene therapy, cell therapy, life science and pharmaceutical research and development.

In the core technology field of gene and cell therapy, deep research biology focuses on the development of core technologies. Through its own technological advantages and self-developed automated experimental platform, the company has developed a series of biotechnology platforms to help the development of gene and cell therapy. In view of the shortcomings of the traditional transient transfection method in the production of lentivirus vectors, deep research biology has innovatively developed a lentivirus vector production system based on stable transformation cell line, eulv ®️ System. This technology has broken through the technical bottleneck of large-scale production of lentivirus vectors, greatly improved the production efficiency and product consistency of lentivirus vectors, significantly reduced the production cost of lentivirus vectors, and brought revolutionary changes to the production of lentivirus vectors.

According to the data of smart bud, Shenyan biology and its affiliated companies currently have more than 30 patent applications, including more than 20 invention patents. The company’s patent layout mainly focuses on related fields such as load cells and separators.