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Bio techne announced its acquisition of namocell, a single cell sorting company

Recently, bio techne announced that it had agreed to acquire namocell, a company specializing in single cell separation and sorting technology,The acquisition is expected to be completed in the first quarter of bio techne’s fiscal 2023.

Namocell, founded in 2014, is headquartered in mountain view, California. up to now,Namocell has installed nearly 200 instruments, including single cell sorter Pala and single cell separator HanaEtc. These platforms use namocell’s patented technology – combined with microfluidic technology, flow cytometry and droplet distribution technology, which can transport single cells from samples to plates.

Among them,Pala microfluidic single cell sorter based on dual laser systemThere are up to 11 fluorescence detection channels. Combined with the above three technologies, it can make the sorting and acquisition of single cells more simple and fast, and realize the precise, gentle and efficient sorting and grabbing of single cells.The single cell separator Hana is based on a single laser system and has two fluorescence detection channels

At the same time,This acquisition will expand bio techne’s cell and gene therapy business.

Chuck kummeth, President and CEO of bio techne“We expect that using our existing analytical tool sales force to penetrate the cell and gene therapy market will produce significant commercial synergies,” said a statement

“Cell based research and emerging technologies in next-generation therapies have created the demand for rapid, reliable, easy-to-use and mild cell sorting. Compared with traditional flow cytometry and manual technology, namocell’s instrument has incomparable performance advantages. We expect that namocell’s leading cell sorting technology combination will continue to be favored by the market.” Chuck kummet added.

Junyu Lin, CEO of namocellIn a statement, said:”bio techne’s global influence and its strategic deployment in cell and gene therapy will promote namocell’s penetration in the global market, especially in cell engineering and cell therapy applications, which we believe will also be our fastest-growing and largest growing field.”