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Break through boundaries and see the new future of Science:SCIEX 2022 new product launch

At 14:00 p.m. on July 14, 2022,”breaking the border:SCIEX 2022 new product launch and swath®The”10th anniversary celebration of the birth of acquisition technology” was successfully held on the instrument information network.

SCIEX has more than 50 years of innovative experience in the field of mass spectrometry technology. Since the successful launch of the first commercial triple quadrupole mass spectrometry system of SCIEX in 1981, SCIEX has been committed to developing breakthrough technologies and solutions, and constantly introducing innovative mass spectrometry technologies and products. Last year, SCIEX released a new high-resolution mass spectrometry product zenotof 7600 system. This year, SCIEX is based on zenotof7600 system introduces new Zeno SWATH® Dia, which will be a leap forward in data independent acquisition (DIA) technology. In this new product launch, SCIEX brought a number of innovative products to meet the audience in the cloud. The discussion in the live broadcast room was heated, and the new products also received widespread attention.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. sang Xiaoliang, general manager of SCIEX China, delivered an opening speech. He said that SCIEX innovative products can not only help many researchers in the field of life sciences find new biomarkers and promote the development of clinical trials, but also help the pharmaceutical industry develop new biological therapies and help innovative drugs to be introduced to the market at an extraordinary speed. In 2021, SCIEX launched the innovative high-resolution mass spectrometry zenotof 7600 system, with ultra fast scanning speed, innovative electron activation and dissociation Technology (EAD), and high sensitivity Zeno Trap (Zeno trap) helps researchers broaden their horizons and make new breakthroughs.

Based on zenotof7600 system. This year, SCIEX launched an innovative data acquisition technology Zeno™   SWATH® Dia technology, this innovation is Zeno The combination of trap (Zeno trap) and swath acquisition can help researchers achieve the effect of significantly increasing the number of plasma protein identification, realize the deep coverage of proteomic analysis, and ensure the data quality while obtaining panoramic data. Zeno SWATH® The strength of dia is more than that. In the future, SCIEX looks forward to working with scientists to explore Zeno SWATH® Dia has more potential.

After the speech, LV Chen, the product manager of SCIEX, first made a thematic report entitled”breaking through boundaries – SCIEX innovative technology to promote scientific research”, and introduced in detail the heavy products and innovation journey launched by SCIEX in recent years, including the SCIEX 7500 system representing”technological innovation” and zenotof 7600 system, echo representing”high throughput” MS acoustic excitation coupled mass spectrometry system and multichannel capillary electrophoresis Biophase 8800 system, and exionlc representing”compatibility”2.0 liquid chromatography and SCIEX OS 3.0 software.

Next, researcher Xu Guowang of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences made an academic report entitled”high coverage metabonomics:from data collection to qualitative and quantitative innovation in the whole chain”, which focused on innovative technologies and methods to improve the coverage of metabonomics, including high coverage quasi targeted omics research methods based on swath acquisition technology.