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Budget 5.6 million! Bidding announcement for purchasing full spectrum high parameter flow cytometer by Peking University

Project overview

Potential bidders for the full spectrum high parameter flow cytometry bidding project should obtain the bidding documents at Huacai tendering Group Co., Ltd. (room one60one, building 6, Guotou Fortune Plaza, No. 9 Guang’an Road, Fengtai District, Beijing) and submit the bidding documents before one4:00 on August one, 2022 (Beijing time).

one、 Basic information of the project

Project No.:hczb-2022-zb0596

Project Name:full spectrum high parameter flow cytometry

Budget amount:5.6 billion yuan (RMB)

Ceiling price (if any):5.6 billion yuan (RMB)

Purchase demand:

Package number

Equipment name

Quantity (set/set)


Full spectrum high parameter flow cytometry


See Chapter IV procurement requirements of the bidding document for details


Consortium bidding for this project (not accepted).

2、 Qualification requirements of the applicant:


2. Qualification requirements for implementing government procurement policies:



3、 Obtain bidding documents

时间:2022年07月oneone日  至 2022年07月one8日,每天上午9:00至one2:00,下午one3:00至one7:00。(北京时间,法定节假日除外)


Method:apply on site, and the bidding documents will not be returned after sale

Selling price:¥ 500.0 yuan, the total selling price of the bidding documents included in this announcement

4、 Deadline for submission of bid documents, time and place of bid opening

提交投标文件截止时间:2022年08月0one日 one4点00分(北京时间)

开标时间:2022年08月0one日 one4点00分(北京时间)


5、 Announcement period

Five working days from the date of this announcement.

6、 Other supplementary matters


2. The bidding announcement of this project is on the Chinese government procurement website( on.

7、 For enquiries about this bidding, please contact the following ways.


Name:Peking University

Address:No.5, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

联系方式:吴老师 0one0-62758587      

2. Purchasing agency information

Name:Huacai tendering Group Co., Ltd

地 址:北京市丰台区广安路9号国投财富广场6号楼one60one室            


3. Project contact information

Project contacts:Cui Lijie, sun Jiarui, Bai Minna, Shi Xiuhua, Zhao Na, Zhang Shuyan

电 话:  0one0-63509799-8046、8075

Attachment Download:0596 bidding announcement docx