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Category pioneer user voice | cost-effective domestic thermal desorption instrument — Zhongyi Yusheng 50A

Under the current situation of increasingly fierce competition in the scientific instrument industry, in order to help instrument users quickly find out the Qianlima or leader enterprises and products in the single category of instruments, the instrument information network has launched the [category pioneer] service since 2017, with the core purpose of”recommending trustworthy brands and instruments for users”, and continues to explore and recommend high-quality enterprises and instruments in subdivided fields.

In order to help users learn the skills of using the instrument, avoid detours and avoid pits, the instrument community specially launched“Experience of instrument use”有奖征文活动。在本次活动中,用户积极分享了自身用过的仪器设备的使用心得,其中不乏对品类先锋仪器的使用分享。我们将摘取部分用户分享的品类先锋Experience of instrument use体会,与读者共享。

What we share today isThermal desorptionCategory pioneer——Zhongyi YushengUsers’ wishes, the following content is extracted from“Test ape”Shared experience:

高性价比国产Thermal desorption仪–Zhongyi Yusheng50A

北京Zhongyi Yusheng科技有限company是我们实验室设备主要提供商之一,跟该company合作已有近十年的时间,对该company的发展历程也有一定的了解,这是一家专注于实验室色谱前处理仪器的企业,company成立于2009年,主要产品有全自动Headspace sampler、全自动Thermal desorption仪、全自动Tekmar Stratum 、自动气体进样器、自动低温浓缩装置、解吸管活化仪等。

跟该company的合作源于一台半自动Thermal desorption,多年来我们一直在使用,仪器运行比较平稳,检测数据比较优良。使用期间,该company的售后服务人员定期、不定期的进行现场、电话指导维护,同时对于新标准的颁布会给我们详细的进行解读,配合我们进行新方法的开发,对于我们的检测工作起到了很好的促进。随着我们业务的不断拓展,对于仪器的检测效率我们有了更高的要求,基于良好的合作基础,我们毅然选择了Zhongyi Yusheng的50AThermal desorption产品

After nearly a year of use, I think it is necessary for me to sort out the experience of using the instrument and give it to the majority of users for reference, so that good domestic instruments can enter your field of vision

Thermal desorption仪是一种可将吸附有待测物质的吸附管通过快速加热升温,使挥发性or半挥发性组分从吸附管中脱附出来,并通过惰性气体带着进入GCorGCMS等分析仪器分析的样品前处理装置。根据挥发性和半挥发性组分从采样管中解吸之后是否再进行冷聚焦浓缩,将热脱附装置分为一次Thermal desorption装置和二次Thermal desorption装置。

首先选择装填好吸附剂的吸附管,在一定的温度压力条件下,连续吸入一定体积的待测空气样品,空气中的VOCs将被保留在吸附管中,采样后通过Thermal desorption仪的解吸炉将吸附管加热,解吸出VOCs,再通过氮气吹扫使解吸出的组份富集到冷阱捕集管内(半导体制冷),再快速加热捕集管,将目标组分二次脱附出来并由Gas phaseortemperament载气带着进入主机系统进行分析,用保留时间定性,峰高or峰面积定量。

Zhongyi Yusheng50AThermal desorption出峰分享:

This instrument has the following advantages:

(1) The sample tray has 50 heating positions. Because our sample volume is relatively large, we need personnel to be on duty for a long time according to the traditional mode, which is inefficient. It only takes us more than ten minutes to put the sampling tube on the sample tray and start the built-in process. The instrument runs automatically for 2-3 days without stopping. It not only ensures the standard consistency of sample pretreatment, but also greatly improves efficiency and saves labor costs. At the same time, the instrument also has the function of pipe position designation. Some samples need to be tested temporarily. We can directly start the program. High efficiency, consistency and labor saving.

(2) 该设备智能化程度比较高,开机进行自检,有故障提示功能。我们能够第一时间知晓仪器的状态,进而保障我们样品测试的准确性。同时像温度过载保护、漏电保护、气路压差报警等都会有相应的提示,保护我们的使用安全。当然50AThermal desorption做为该company的成熟产品,稳定性较强,经过我们近一年的使用还未出现问题。智能化是实验数据可靠、人身安全的保障。

(3) It is worth mentioning that the company has accumulated more than ten years of experience in product research and development, and nearly ten thousand users’ use information feedback. The company brings these condensations together, constantly improving and changing, weeding out the old and bringing forth the new. The material selection of each inch of pipeline, the layout of each electric control route, and the switching selection of each connecting valve have been carefully designed and selected, and each core component has been verified by a large number of experiments, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the instrument. Of course, this information comes from the exchange with the service personnel of the company. We have also verified the high quality of the instrument through actual use. Being professional and dedicated is the premise of producing excellent products.

I remember an elder said that”stable and consistent sample processing is the basis of testing”. With the progress of science and technology, the efficient and stable sample processing frees our testers to focus more on the analysis and application of data results. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the instrument manufacturers for their hard work.

以上就是“Test ape”用户分享的Zhongyi Yusheng-Thermal desorption使用心得。今天的分享就到这里结束啦。欢迎大家投稿,分享更多品类先锋Experience of instrument use。投稿邮箱:[email protected]Once adopted, the contributor will obtain the information provided by the instrument information network50-200 yuan JD cardAs a reward, contributors should note their names and units.

Submission requirements:

1、 The article submitted must be complete and clear, and the article must contain at least one picture of the instrument (it is better to take a picture of people with the instrument), and the number of words should not be less than 500 words.The shared experience should be the instrument experience of the category pioneer of the instrument information network (see the attached table for the details of the category pioneer)

2、 The content shall include at least any three points in the following manuscript outline, and the number of contributions from each netizen is unlimited.

• introduction to instrument development

    • What problems have been solved in the product introduction and practical application of the instrument

    • Instrument recommendation

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