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CETC 45 wet process equipment enters the domestic mainstream 8-inch chip production line

Recently, the double 8-inch full line automatic wet line equipment developed by CETC 45 Institute (hereinafter referred to as 45 Institute) has entered the mainstream Fab plants in China. The whole line equipment meets the 8-inch 90nm ~ 130nm process node, and is suitable for the wet chemical process in the 8-12 inch BCD chip process.

Wafer size and process linewidth represent the process level of wet equipment. The whole line equipment developed by 45 Institute meets the operation standard of wet equipment in 8-inch mainstream Fab factory, with high automation and system integration. It covers the wet chemical process in the 8-inch BCD chip process, and realizes fully automatic wet degumming, wet corrosion, wet metal etching, RCA cleaning, Marangoni drying and other processes.

Equipment is the cornerstone of the semiconductor industry. According to semi statistics, the global sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment reached a record high of $102.6 billion in 2021, an increase of 44%year-on-year. Driven by the trend of global chip production expansion, the equipment expenditure of wafer factories will continue to increase. It is estimated that the global market will reach $117.5 billion in 2022 and $120.8 billion in 2023.

Strong market demand has brought development opportunities for local semiconductor equipment enterprises. Jing Cui, chairman and party secretary of CETC Electronic Equipment Group Co., Ltd., said that based on the characteristics of”technology intensive, talent intensive, capital intensive and long return cycle” in the semiconductor equipment industry, domestic advanced equipment enterprises have formed a development mode of”research and development first, industry follow-up and financial support”, and have the following three characteristics:

First, the semiconductor equipment industry is highly concentrated. According to the statistics of China Electronic Special Equipment Industry Association, the sales revenue of the top ten domestic semiconductor equipment companies accounts for 80%of the total sales revenue of domestic equipment enterprises. Equipment leading enterprises and manufacturing leading enterprises have conducted in-depth cooperation in process and equipment development, and constantly strengthened the status of leading enterprises. Second, the domestic semiconductor equipment has been continuously enriched and gradually stepped into the industrialization and substitution stage. For example, Beijing ShuoKe Zhongkexin company has realized the independent innovation and development of a full series of ion implanters for special applications such as medium beam, large beam, high energy and third-generation semiconductors, with the process section covering 28nm. Third, the capital market is increasingly supporting the scientific and technological innovation and industrialization of semiconductor equipment. Since 2019, with the help of the science and technology innovation board, many enterprises have rapidly achieved IPO listing, raised funds, accelerated scientific research investment, and further accelerated industrialization.