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Circular of the State Administration of market supervision on the safety status of special equipment in China in 2021

Circular of the State Administration of market supervision on the safety status of special equipment in China in 2021

According to the provisions of the special equipment safety law of the people’s Republic of China and the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment, the safety status of national special equipment in 2021 is hereby notified as follows.

1、 Basic information of special equipment

(1) Registration quantity of special equipment.

By the end of 2021, the total number of special equipment in China had reached 18.1623 million. Including 347100 boilers, 4.6949 million pressure vessels, 8.7998 million elevators, 2.7302 million hoisting machinery, 1114 passenger ropeways, 25200 large amusement facilities (sets), and 1.564 million special motor vehicles in the yard (plant). In addition:202 million gas cylinders and 757500 kilometers of pressure pipelines (listed). (see Figure 1)

Figure 1 Classification proportion of special equipment quantity in 2021

(2) Production and filling units and operators of special equipment.

By the end of 2021, there were 75134 special equipment production (including design, manufacturing, installation, transformation and repair) and filling units in China, with 76141 licenses, including 2742 design units and 2747 licenses; 16278 manufacturing units with 16783 licenses; 29061 installation, transformation and repair units, with 29097 licenses; 27053 mobile pressure vessels and gas cylinder filling units, with 27514 licenses. (see Figure 2)

Special equipment operators have 11.2669 million certificates.

Figure 2 classification proportion of special equipment production license in 2021

(3) Special equipment safety supervision organization and inspection and testing organization.

By the end of 2021, market supervision departments at all levels have set up 5075 special equipment safety supervision institutions, including 1 national level, 33 provincial level, 496 municipal level, 2570 county-level and 1973 district and county-level dispatched offices. There are 112363 special equipment safety supervisors nationwide.

By the end of 2021, there were 4542 special equipment inspection and testing institutions in China, with 4585 certificates. Among them, there are 445 comprehensive inspection institutions for special equipment, including 261 inspection institutions in the market supervision system, 184 industry inspection institutions and enterprise self inspection institutions. In addition, there are 44 type test institutions, 629 nondestructive testing institutions, 2169 gas cylinder inspection institutions, 913 safety valve calibration institutions, 348 hoisting machinery inspection institutions on housing construction sites and municipal engineering sites, and 37 elevator inspection institutions.

2、 Safety status of special equipment

(1) Overall situation of the accident.

In 2021, there were 110 special equipment accidents and related accidents in China, with 99 deaths. Compared with 2020, the number of accidents increased by 3, an increase of 2.80%, and the number of deaths decreased by 7, a decrease of 6.60%. The death toll of 10000 special equipment was 0.08. There were no major accidents throughout the year, and the safety situation of special equipment was generally stable.

(2) Accident characteristics.

By equipment category, there were 5 boiler accidents and 6 deaths; 7 pressure vessel accidents, 11 deaths; One gas cylinder accident and one person died; There were 42 special motor vehicle accidents in the site (plant), and 34 people died; 29 hoisting machinery accidents and 30 deaths; 23 elevator accidents, 17 deaths; 2 large amusement facility accidents; 1 passenger ropeway accident. (see Figure 3 and Figure 4) the accidents of special motor vehicles, hoisting machinery and elevators in the yard (plant) account for 85.5%of the total accidents and 81.8%of the total deaths.

Figure 3 number and proportion of special equipment accidents in 2021

Figure 4 death toll and proportion of special equipment accidents in 2021

According to the occurrence link, 95 cases occurred in the use link, accounting for 86.36%, 9 cases occurred in the maintenance link, accounting for 8.18%, 4 cases occurred in the installation and commissioning link, accounting for 3.64%, and 1 case occurred in the filling link, accounting for 0.91%. One inspection and detection link, accounting for 0.91%. (see Figure 5)

Figure 5 distribution and proportion of special equipment accidents in 2021

According to the industries involved, 47 cases occurred in the manufacturing industry, accounting for 42.73%; 13 cases occurred in transportation, warehousing and postal industry, accounting for 11.82%; 11 cases occurred in leasing and business services, accounting for 10%; 10 cases occurred in the real estate industry, accounting for 9.09%; 9 cases occurred in the construction industry, accounting for 8.18%; 6 cases occurred in scientific research and technical service industry, accounting for 5.45%; 5 cases occurred in residential service, repair and other service industries, accounting for 4.54%; 4 cases occurred in wholesale and retail, accounting for 3.64%; Three cases occurred in the production and supply of electricity, heat, gas and water, accounting for 2.73%; One occurred in water conservancy, environment and public facilities management, accounting for 0.91%; One occurrence occurred in the financial industry, accounting for 0.91%. (see Figure 6)

Figure 6 proportion of special equipment accident industry in 2021

According to the damage form, the main characteristics of accidents of pressure equipment (boiler, pressure vessel, gas cylinder and pressure pipeline) are explosion, leakage and fire; The main characteristics of electromechanical equipment (hoisting machinery, elevators, large amusement facilities, special motor vehicles in the yard (factory), passenger ropeway) accidents are falling, collision, extrusion, etc.

According to the month of occurrence, the number of special equipment accidents in the second quarter was the largest. The reason was that all units resumed work and production after the Spring Festival, and some enterprises were lax in safety management in order to catch up with the progress. In addition, the risk of accidents was increased due to the failure of timely maintenance of special equipment after long-term shutdown or the loss of operators; The number of special equipment accidents was the lowest in the fourth quarter. The main reason was that affected by the epidemic prevention and control, some enterprises controlled the production time or stopped production, and some equipment was out of service. (see Figure 7)

Figure 7 distribution of special equipment accidents from January to December 2021

(3) The main cause of the accident.

By the end of 2021, 56 special equipment accidents have been closed. According to the analysis of the closing materials, the causes of the accidents are mainly divided into three categories:first, accidents due to improper use and management, accounting for about 82.14%. Illegal operation is still the main cause of accidents, which is embodied in illegal operation, improper operation or even undocumented operation, lack of maintenance, poor management and so on. Second, accidents caused by quality and safety defects in the process of equipment manufacturing, maintenance, installation, disassembly and operation account for about 14.29%. Third, accidents caused by other secondary causes, accounting for about 3.57%. (see Figure 8)

Figure 8 distribution of causes of special equipment accidents in 2021

The causes of accidents are classified as follows by equipment (analysis of closed accidents):

1. Boiler accident. 1 equipment defect (design and manufacturing basis standard error), 2 improper operations and other illegal operations.

2. Pressure vessel accident. 1 illegal operation.

3. Gas cylinder accident. 1 illegal operation.

4. elevator accident. There were 4 cases of inadequate safety management and maintenance, 3 cases of illegal operation or improper operation, 2 cases of failure of safety components or protective devices, 1 case of failure of timely inspection, 1 case of improper emergency rescue and 1 case of other reasons.

5. Hoisting machinery accident. 11 cases of illegal operation or improper operation, 3 cases of equipment defects or failure of safety components or protection devices, and 1 case of improper safety protection measures.

6. Accidents of special motor vehicles in the site (plant). 17 cases of illegal operation or improper operation and 5 cases of unlicensed operation.

7. Passenger ropeway accident. 1 safety component failure.

8. Large amusement facilities. 1 equipment defect.

3、 Main work of safety supervision and energy conservation of special equipment in 2021

(1) Strengthen risk prevention and control and hidden danger investigation, and effectively prevent major safety risks.

Continue to promote the construction of double prevention of special equipment, and organize the risk analysis of industrial pipelines,”coal to gas” and hydrogen related special equipment. Solidly carry out the three-year action of special rectification of work safety, deploy and carry out special rectification of the safety of mobile pressure vessel filling units related to hazardous chemicals, special investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards such as liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, elevator brakes and hoisting machinery, and further promote the implementation of the legal inspection system of long-distance pipeline. In 2021, the national market supervision system dispatched 2.6292 million people to inspect 1.165 million units producing and using special equipment, 3.445 million units (sets) of special equipment, issued 162800 instructions on safety supervision of special equipment, ordered 1749 units to stop production and business, and closed 24225 units (sets) of special equipment. The special equipment inspection organization supervised and inspected the manufacturing process of 1299700 special equipment and parts, and found and urged enterprises to deal with 13500 hidden defects. Supervision and inspection were conducted on the installation, transformation and repair of 2144000 special equipment, and 550500 hidden defects were found and urged enterprises to deal with. 10.7662 million sets of special equipment in use were inspected regularly, and 2.1178 million defects and hidden dangers were found and urged the user units to deal with.

(2) Ensure the service of major events and create a good safety atmosphere.

We successfully completed the service guarantee of special equipment during the key period of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, strengthened the coordination and guidance to Beijing and surrounding provinces, and timely implemented various guarantee measures. During the series of celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, 30 activity points and 654 sets of special equipment in Beijing were in zero fault operation, and no major events occurred in the five provinces of North China and other regions of the country. Make every effort to ensure the service of special equipment for the Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games, actively cooperate with the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, and coordinate to solve the technical problems such as the over standard defects of pressure vessels for ice making in the national speed skating hall, the type test of Shougang ski jump platform and”xueruyi” inclined elevator; We will strengthen overall coordination, guide Beijing and Hebei to refine their work plans, formulate”One Pavilion, one policy” support plans and emergency plans for key venues, supervise and inspect the”full coverage” of special equipment related to the Olympic Games and ensure the safety and stability of special equipment involved in the test games. To guide Universal Studios in Beijing Universal Studios to carry out supervision and reform of large-scale recreational facilities pilot, take the initiative to rely on services, timely solve technical problems, strict inspection checks, help Universal Studios safe and smooth opening.

(3) Actively serve the people’s livelihood and strive to enhance the people’s sense of security.

First, carry out the”safe ladder guard action”. Deploy and carry out special investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards of elevator brakes, implement the main responsibility of elevator safety, improve the quality and safety level of elevator maintenance, and prevent and reduce passenger injury accidents and”trapped elevator” events. Promote the construction and upgrading of”96333″ and other emergency response platforms. At present, more than 3 million elevators in use in nearly 200 cities have been covered, so as to shorten the rescue time of elevator trapped people. Second, carry out”iron fist action” in the field of gas cylinders. Deploy local market supervision departments to crack down on the illegal acts of refurbishing”black cylinders”, urge all localities to strengthen the investigation and handling of key cases, investigate and handle 411 typical illegal cases and major cases of refurbishing”black cylinders” throughout the year, involving 511 illegal acts, and eliminate a large number of hidden dangers of cylinder safety. Third, timely organize Henan rainstorm disaster relief support. After the”July 20″ Torrential Rain Disaster in Henan, the General Administration and relevant provincial safety inspection and supervision institutions timely organized more than 20 elevator manufacturing enterprises across the country and more than 70 inspectors from 8 inspection institutions outside Henan Province to rush to Zhengzhou with their own vehicles, inspection equipment and support materials to carry out the emergency repair and inspection of flooded elevators, complete the emergency repair and guarantee inspection of 21320 seriously affected elevators, and ensure the restoration of production and living order in the disaster area as soon as possible.

(4) Highlight smart supervision and credit supervision, and constantly improve the efficiency of supervision.

Continue to promote the construction of intelligent supervision, and organize the construction of special equipment safety supervision platform和开发全国特种设备现场监督检查软件。开展特种设备获证单位与使用登记信息归集工作,目前已归集5.4万获证单位信息,1500万条使用登记信息。持续推动电梯、气瓶、移动式压力容器质量安全追溯体系建设,以信息化手段赋能特种设备安全监管。充分发挥信用监管约束力,完成3.2万余家特种设备生产单位年报工作。完成特种设备生产企业在国家企业信用公示系统中的标注,推动许可信息和设备使用登记信息与省市级的互联互通。