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Collection of works of the first”entering the micro world of materials” micro photography competition of Tianjin University

In the nano world invisible to our naked eyes

May hide unexpected highlights

A group of heaven students

With rigorous scientific attitude and fresh artistic creativity

Discover the beauty of the world through the microscope

Show natural beauty with a little coloring

In the world of nano

These tiny structures are like beautiful paintings

People can’t help sighing the wonder of science


Author:Hu Jin

The picture was taken with Hitachi s-4800 field emission scanning electron microscope of the college. Ni-zn-s supported on foam nickel was prepared by hydrothermal method for electrocatalytic water decomposition.

The brown foam nickel is like the trunk of plum blossom, and the alloys of several microns growing on it are like bright red plum blossoms. In the cold winter, the leaves haven’t grown out yet,Bright red plum blossoms are not afraid of the cold winter, competing to bloom first, adding bright colors to the desolate and monotonous winter.

Sunny Cherry Blossom

Author:Hu Jin

The picture was taken with Hitachi s-4800 field emission scanning electron microscope of the college. The sample is ni-zn-s loaded on foam nickel prepared by hydrothermal method for electrocatalytic water decomposition.

Standing under the cherry tree in the warm spring, looking up at the sky, cherry blossoms fly like a pink butterfly under the blue sky.Foam nickel is like a tree trunk, the solution in the reaction kettle is like the nutrients of the earth, and the temperature of the solution maintained all the time is like the sunlight. After more than ten hours of heat preservation, blooming flowers continue to grow on foam nickel.

King Whyte

Author:Hu Jin

The picture was taken with Hitachi s-4800 field emission scanning electron microscope of the college. Zn-co-s supported on foam nickel was prepared by hydrothermal method for electrocatalytic water decomposition.

Everything in the world is closely related. If you don’t look at the ruler below, you think this is a perfect blooming chrysanthemum. I can’t help sighing,In the microscopic world, there are also such delicate flowers. They bloom quietly under their own small world.


Author:Wang Yuxuan

Camera:cold field emission scanning electron microscope s4800

Sample material:this sample is pure molybdenum rapidly burned at 1300 ℃ for 1 minute as the second phase dispersion for the preparation of oxide dispersion strengthened alloy (ODS). ODS is often used in high temperature turbine engine blades and heat exchanger pipes because of its excellent creep resistance, good high temperature structural stability and good radiation resistance.

Artistic processing:pure molybdenum treated by this method shows a regular microstructure, which is the basis for post-processing to try to depict a picture of rainbow colored gem raw stone.Through the contrast of different color matching and gray background, the overall color richness is displayed.

Three dimensional porous carbon material


样品材料为Three dimensional porous carbon material,使用蔡司热场扫描电镜Sigma 300拍摄。The sample takes sodium chloride as the structural template and glucose as the carbon source. After freeze-drying and heat treatment, the carbon coated sodium chloride particle structure is obtained. After washing and removing the sodium chloride template, the perfect three-dimensional porous structure is obtained.

The novelty lies in the use of sodium chloride as a template, which can be removed by subsequent washing. It can be applied to the field of energy conversion and storage, such as lithium batteries, sodium batteries and electrocatalysis.

Rouge Begonia make spring thick

Author:Sui simi

Application background:electrode materials for sodium ion batteries

Instrument information:TEM jem-2100f

Sample preparation:the sample is mos2/cnts composite film prepared by solvothermal method. Nano flower like MoS2 is attached to the outer wall of CNTs, and the single-wall CNTs tube bundles are intertwined to form a network, and the layers of network overlap to form a film.

Photo difficulty:in the solvothermal reaction, MoS2 is randomly dispersed on the outer wall of CNT. This photo accurately captures the spatial relative relationship between the two, and the edges of single-wall CNTs tube bundles and MoS2 lamellae are clearly visible.

Picture Description:”Begonia does not hesitate to blush, independent in the drizzle”, the picture is like a Begonia flower blooming between two branches, like a girl with rouge makeup, which is a symbol of youth, vitality and beauty. As the messenger of Primula, she brings spring back to the earth, and the spring is getting stronger. From the picture, we can see its vigorous vitality.

Carbon nanotube forest

Author:Zhang Rui & Li le

Application background:single wall carbon nanotube vertical arrays have huge specific surface area, excellent conductivity, good chemical stability and ordered structure, and are considered to be ideal candidate materials for electrode materials.

Instrument name and model:Zeiss thermal field scanning electron microscope (sigma 300)

Difficulty and novelty of sample preparation process:this experiment developed a new nano particle catalyst, which can load the catalyst on two-dimensional and three-dimensional substrates, and can synthesize carbon nanotube array materials on the substrate by CVD method. It has universality and is convenient for macro preparation of materials.

range upon range of green hills

Author:Li le

Instrument:atomic force microscope afm5500

Introduction:alumina carbon nanotube array. The volume change of lithium metal anode is an obstacle to realize the practical application of lithium metal battery. Alumina carbon nanotube arrays can effectively reduce the local current density and alleviate the volume expansion of lithium in the process of charge and discharge. The uniform deposition of alumina in the array is realized by atomic layer deposition method.

Difficulty:the top of the material should still meet the uniform height difference to confirm the stability of the sample structure after deposition.

Artistic processing:the three-dimensional image of the sample shows a uniform height difference, showing the scene of heavy mountains and emeralds.

Colorful stones

Author:Li le

Instrument:transmission electron microscope jem-2100f

Introduction:alumina coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles and high ordered carbon nanotube arrays grown on three-dimensional substrates can be used as excellent electrode materials for lithium, sodium and potassium ion batteries. However, the catalyst for the growth of carbon nanotube arrays deposited by traditional electron beam evaporation method is difficult to achieve its uniform loading on the three-dimensional substrate. The uniformly dispersed alumina coated ferric oxide catalyst prepared in this experiment can achieve uniform loading on the three-dimensional matrix, and grow highly ordered carbon nanotube arrays on the matrix.

Difficulty:alumina coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles should meet the requirements of uniform particle size and high area density to achieve the growth of highly ordered carbon nanotube arrays.

Deep sea home of white coral

Author:Bai Xiangren

Work description:the material is the SEM picture of in-situ synthesized magnesium oxide nano particle clusters, which was taken by s4800 scanning electron microscope. The single particle size of nano magnesium oxide particles is about 5-10 nm, distributed in clusters, and the single cluster particle size is about 300 nm, attached to the substrate. The conductivity of nanoparticles is poor and the particle size is small. By adjusting the shooting parameters, the agglomeration morphology with good contrast and high resolution is obtained.

图片说明:经过上色处理的作品名为《Deep sea home of white coral》,将图片灰度调整为绿度,将纳米氧化镁图案侧构建为海底礁石上分布的白珊瑚球的意象。On the dark sea floor, on a reef, white coral balls are attached to it, integrating into the quiet underwater world.

Multicolored pool

Author:Bai Xiangren

Work description:stem picture of nano particle reinforced aluminum matrix composite grain, taken with F200 transmission electron microscope. The material presents nanocrystalline structure, and the grain size is about 200 nm. The samples are polished and thinned by Gatan ion thinning instrument to obtain the block transmission samples. Through shooting parameters, the microstructure pictures with good orientation contrast and high resolution are obtained.

图片描述:经过处理的作品名为《Multicolored pool》,通过色谱上色及水波微处理,将不同程度的晶粒构建为水底卵石的意象。阳光照射下,水波微微荡漾,掩映着水底的卵石时隐时现,像传说中的Multicolored pool一般。

In order to further stimulate students’ interest in scientific research and innovation awareness, and improve the level of experimental skills, it is hosted by the school of materials of Tianjin University and undertaken by the national experimental teaching demonstration center of materials science and engineeringThe first”entering the micro world of materials” – micro photography competition of Tianjin UniversityIt was successfully held recently.

The competition was strongly supported and actively participated by the asset Department of Tianjin University, the analysis and testing center of Tianjin University and the large instrument testing platform of the College of chemical engineering. After a month of solicitation, I received a total of contributions from the College of materials, the College of chemical engineering, the College of science, the College of construction and engineering, etc161 works by 118 students in the school

Zhang Wei, deputy director of the asset and Laboratory Management Office of Tianjin University, highly affirmed the competition. He believed that the competition complied with the requirements of the state to strengthen practical teaching and practical education in Colleges and universities, strengthened the exchange and progress of disciplines in different majors and fields, and showed the scientific literacy and innovative spirit of the participating students. Huwenbin, Dean of the school of materials, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the staff, judges, teachers and supporting units in this competition, and sent a message that the students can always maintain their original intention, forge ahead on the road of scientific research, and truly realize the charm of science and materials!

There are many beauties and surprises hidden in the micro nano world,

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