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[dialogue between celebrities] innovation and development technology of synthetic biology

Synthetic biology, known as the third biotechnology revolution, has great application potential in medicine, energy, materials, agriculture and other disciplines. In the short development process of more than ten years, the innovative exploration of synthetic biology in China has been more and more diversified.

Compared with classical synthetic biotechnology, which requires repeated experiments, synthetic biology closely combines biology, engineering, mathematics, etc., and obtains the biological functions that people need by involving and transforming biological systems.

In order to meet the desire of the majority of synthetic biology workers for the development and experience sharing of related disciplines, instrument information network and Eppendorf specially invite three senior experts in the industry to bring you cutting-edge scientific research progress and technical application solutions in the field of synthetic biology.

Meeting schedule

14:00  Qiao Jianjun (Professor, School of chemical engineering, Tianjin University)
Analysis of synthetic pathway and heterologous and efficient production of sesquiterpene plant natural products

> Mining synthetic components and analyzing synthetic approaches based on multi omics joint analysis
> Using artificial intelligence and quantum chemical calculation to improve enzyme activity
> Developing genome precise editing technology and building a High-efficiency Microbial chassis is a good experiment
> Establish a microbial cell factory and realize efficient production by using flora synthetic biology

14:45  Chenzhenya (associate researcher, School of life, Beijing University of Technology)
Construction, transformation and application of transcription factor driven advanced alcohol biosensor system

> Mining and construction of novel transcription factor driven biosensors
> Performance modification of high sensitivity and wide range biosensor
> Application of new biosensors in synthetic biology

15:35  Songmingmin (Eppendorf Marketing Manager)
On synthetic biology:opportunities and challenges of Engineering

> Overview and underlying logic of synthetic biology
> Future trends and challenges of synthetic biology
> Eppendorf synthetic biology solution