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Direct attack aacc2022 | Tianlong technology molecular diagnosis overall solution grand debut

AACC successfully held

From July 26 to 28, AACC, the 74th Annual Meeting of American clinical chemistry and clinical experimental medicine Expo, the world’s highest quality and largest annual event in clinical testing, was successfully held in Chicago. The exhibition has more than 2500 booths, attracting more than 20000 professionals from the international medical community and a large number of practitioners in the field of clinical testing from more than 100 countries around the world.

Tianlong Zhizao shines in the audience

This time, AACC, Tianlong technology and the overall solution of molecular diagnosis traveled across the sea, and rushed to this world clinical testing feast as promised. Tianlong Zhizao’s brilliant performance, ultra-high appearance, ingenious quality, excellent performance and humanized design have attracted many eyes on the scene.

During the exhibition, the intelligent PCR laboratory system independently developed by Tianlong technology based on Tianlong intelligent manufacturing family attracted many customers to stop and watch and have in-depth exchanges. The system meets the practical needs of automatic input of the whole process of nucleic acid detection sample information, and can realize the rapid traceability of abnormal detection results. It can save two-thirds of the experimental personnel, and shorten the time for samples to receive and upload the results to 2.5 hours, which can greatly improve the efficiency of nucleic acid detection.

Tianlong Zhizao, thank you

During the exhibition, we also met many Tianlong fans by chance and gained a lot of touching.

At the beginning of this year, when the U.S. epidemic was at its worst, Tianlong technology sent more than 100 nucleic acid extraction, fluorescent PCR instruments and reagents to support the U.S. epidemic. During the exhibition, American customers highly praised the stable performance and timely supply of Tianlong equipment, ensuring that they passed the most difficult time.

“We have installed dozens of Tianlong’s nucleic acid workstations and fluorescent PCR equipment in Brazil. The stable performance of the instrument and good user experience have enabled us to establish a closer trust relationship with our customers,” said the Brazilian customer.

Recognition from users is the biggest driving force for Tianlong to do a good job in products. We will continue to move forward and entrust more perfect, flexible and comprehensive solutions to every user who trusts and chooses Tianlong.

Based on China and facing the world

Since its inception, Tianlong technology has been committed to creating first-class molecular diagnostic products for human health. After years of hard work, Tianlong Zhizao has obtained more than 120 international registrations and certifications such as EU CE, US FDA, UK MHRA, South Korea KFDA, and has been sold to more than 80 countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Indonesia, etc.

In the future, Tianlong will carry out a more in-depth strategic layout of domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, through the mutual integration of the exhibition and the industry, it will promote more ingenious Tianlong intelligent manufacturing to the world, and also contribute China’s strength to protect human health!