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Domestic products are preferred! In 2022, all localities will support the new deal for domestic instruments

  In the past two years, it seems to have become the consensus of the government, the market and the public to support the development of domestic instruments under the guidance of the 14th five year plan documents, local policy support, domestic procurement preference. In the first half of 2022, the central and local governments paid more attention to domestic instruments,one sideEmbodied inIn the policy, priority is encouraged to purchase domestic goods, and the audit and demonstration of the purchase of imported products are strengthened;另one sideAll regions are also actively planning to layout the R & D and manufacturing of high-end instruments and promote the localization of scientific instruments.

  This article will sort out the newly released domestic instrument support policies in 2022 to see the determination and strength of various regions to develop domestic instruments.

  Support the purchase of domestic instruments

  treasury department

  5月23日,treasury department发布《关于做好政府采购框架协议采购工作有关问题的通知》。值得注意的是,The notice specifies that the purchase of imported instruments requires approval.In terms of the management of imported products, if there is a need to purchase imported products for special instruments and equipment such as detection, experiment and medical treatment, the purchase package can be set up for the corresponding imported products in the purchase plan, but the purchaser in the second stage needs to perform the relevant approval procedures as required before purchasing the shortlisted imported products.

 Guangdong Province

  以广东省为例,在核准程序方面提出,采购人需要采购的产品在中国境内无法获取或者无法以合理的商业条件获取,以及法律法规另有规定确需采购进口产品的,应当在获得treasury department门核准后,依法开展政府釆购活动。也就是说,It must be imported medical equipment that cannot be obtained in China or can not be obtained under reasonable commercial conditions, otherwise domestic equipment must be purchased first.

  Anhui Province

  Anhui Province明确自6月1日起,各医疗机构使用财政预算资金和“自有资金”采购进口产品,通过“徽采云”平台上传相关申请表格和专家论证意见,实行在线申报,主管预算单位和设区的市级以上treasury department门在线审批。审批完成后,根据相关规定开展采购活动,Without approval, it is not allowed to purchase imported products

 Hubei Province

On June 7, the Hubei Provincial Department of Finance issued a notice on the working procedures for provincial government procurement in Hubei Province, specifying the projects that can purchase imported products after being reviewed by the Provincial Department of finance,It should be clearly stipulated in the procurement documents that imported products can be purchased, but it should not restrict domestic products that meet the demand to participate in the competition.After the expert demonstration, there is another barrier in front of imported equipment, but on the contrary, there is another chip for domestic excellent instruments.

 Zhejiang Province

 Zhejiang Province出台《关于加快推进大型科研仪器开放共享“一网办”“一指办”的实施意见(征求意见稿)》,On the premise of ensuring scientific research needs, priority should be given to the purchase of domestic instruments,Increase the purchase and use proportion of domestic large-scale scientific research instruments year by year. Set up a special instrument R & D program in the provincial key R & D plan, focusing on supporting the localization and replacement of Dayi and tackling key core technologies.

 Meishan City, Sichuan Province

 Meishan City, Sichuan Province财政局印发《眉山市政府采购负面清单》,以法律法规为依据,从资格条件、采购需求、评审因素等方面,列出了53种禁止情形。如:

  The fifth requirement of Article 10“It is forbidden to purchase imported products without approval, or restrict domestic products from competing after approval.”

  In Article 12There are also two items that restrict the purchase and import:”prohibit goods and service projects of more than 10million yuan, engineering procurement projects of more than 30million yuan, and do not carry out demand investigation”,”prohibit projects with complex technology and strong professionalism, including information construction projects that need to be customized and developed, projects that purchase imported products, and do not carry out demand investigation.”

  Item 6 of Article 42It is clearly required that”the experts participating in the demonstration of the project of prohibiting the purchase of imported products shall be the evaluation experts of the project.”

  不难发现,近年来国家在鼓励国产设备发展的同时,也不断通过政策上的引导,在一定程度上“限制”进口产品。但政策支持只是one side,国产厂商更需要的是提升自己的自主研发、创新能力,努力钻研新技术,迎合市场新需求,最终使得国产设备行业向高端制造升级,逐步打破进口。

Otherwise, if the quality can’t keep up, there will still be many bidding agencies exploiting loopholes, not for import, not for big brands, and setting up the guise of bidding discrimination standards to further compress the market space of domestic equipment.

However, it is believed that as more provinces and cities introduce regulatory policies on government procurement, such vicious bidding terms will be strictly prohibited, and domestic equipment will also usher in a fairer market competition environment.

 Strengthen the development of high-end general instruments

  Hebei Province

  Hebei Province出台《计量发展规划(2021-2035年)》实施意见,明确拓展高端仪器设备评测领域和范围,完善仪器评价体系,助力提升国产仪器的市场竞争力和占有率,Promote the localization of measuring instruments。 In combination with the characteristics and distribution of the measuring instrument manufacturing industry in the province, we will focus on promoting the development of environmental monitoring instruments, chip measuring instruments, weighing instruments, flow meters, mutual inductors and other manufacturing industries in Shijiazhuang, Chengde, Langfang, Baoding and other places with a certain industrial foundation.

  Anhui Province

  《Anhui Province实施计量发展规划(2021—2035年)工作方案》明确提出要支撑高端仪器产业质量提升。具体来看,鼓励开展仪器设备核心技术、核心算法攻关,推动色谱仪、质谱仪、扫描电子显微镜、磁共振波谱仪、比表面及孔径分析仪、跨尺度微纳形貌测量仪等Improve the quality of general instruments and gradually replace imports。 Focus on promoting the application of quantum chip technology in measuring instruments and equipment.


The opinions on the implementation of Tianjin’s measurement development plan (2021 _2035) (public exposure draft) proposes to serve the development of high-end instruments and precision manufacturing, support the technological innovation and product quality improvement of Tianjin’s instrument industry, and promote the localization process of new sensors, new instruments, and measurement and testing equipment. Strengthen the independent research, development and application of high-precision measurement standards,Promote the localization and replacement of measuring instruments and equipment。 Strengthen the development of high-end general instruments and equipment such as chromatographs, mass spectrometers, high-precision sensors, high-precision comprehensive performance testing instruments, and accelerate the development and promotion of special measuring instruments and meters for intelligent manufacturing, environmental monitoring, biomedicine, medical and health care and other fields.

Accelerate the development and application of optical fiber sensors, 4D light field sensors, miniaturized white light interferometry sensors, gas sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors, high-precision tunnel magnetoresistance effect current sensors, high-end image sensors, high-speed photoelectric sensors, etc. Strengthen the basic guarantee role of measurement in the R & D, design, test, production and use of instruments and equipment, and promote the quality improvement of instruments and equipment. Strengthen the construction of public technical service platform for instrument measurement and quality evaluation, and help the development and agglomeration of instrument industry,Cultivate and form a number of domestic instrument brands with core technology and core competitiveness