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[domestic substitution] Zhengye technology accelerates the semiconductor detection process and introduces fully automatic semiconductor X-ray detection equipment

Semiconductor industry is a fundamental, critical and strategic industry in the national economy. Semiconductor testing is indispensable from design verification to packaging testing. It runs through the whole semiconductor manufacturing process and plays an irreplaceable important role. The global semiconductor testing equipment market is characterized by high concentration. At present, most semiconductor equipment is still highly dependent on imports.

Science and technology competition is inevitable, and the localization of semiconductor testing equipment is of great significance

From the above semi data, the sales volume of semiconductor equipment in China (mainland) in 2021 was US $29.62 billion, accounting for 28.9%of the global market, with a year-on-year increase of 58%in 2020. Semiconductor testing can be divided into three categories according to the production process:verification testing, wafer testing, and packaging testing. Wafer testing and packaging testing equipment account for about 20%of semiconductor equipment, which is monopolized by overseas companies, and the domestic substitution rate is less than 10%. There is a large supply gap in the domestic mature wafer manufacturing and packaging testing equipment market. It is under this opportunity that Guangdong Zhengye Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengye Technology) which is the local provider of”industrial testing intelligent equipment” has ushered in rapid development.

Domestic substitution is imperative. Zhengye technology launches a fully automatic detection scheme

In the semiconductor field, Zhengye technology has independently developed an on-line automatic X-ray detection device for discrete semiconductor components, which solves the problem of detection efficiency for customers in the semiconductor industry. This product mainly detects the internal defects of semiconductors, identifies and selects good and bad products, and avoids defective products from flowing into the finished product market of semiconductor chips. The missed judgment rate of this equipment is 0%, and the false judgment rate is 3 ‰, which can replace the manual visual inspection method of imported single machine X-ray imaging equipment.

Zhengye full-automatic X-ray detection equipment is 2-3 times more efficient than similar international brands. Only one person can operate multiple equipment, and the price is only half that of foreign brands, which improves the quality and efficiency of enterprises. This device has been applied to a world-famous semiconductor enterprise, and has been highly praised by customers in the industry.

At the same time, the company will also launch 2.5D X-ray detection equipment and intelligent dispensing machine for semiconductors, electronic components, SMTS, etc., enrich the product structure and gradually expand the market application field.

Fully automatic semiconductorX-RAYChip defect detectionequipment

Fully automatic semiconductorX-RAYChip defect detectionequipment自适应7英寸、11英寸、13英寸料盘,通过算法对图像进行分析、判断,确定良品与不良品,同时通过虚拟复盘功能,实现不拆料盘自动检测IC内部异物及线性缺陷。该equipment具有一套X-ray成像系统,四轴机器人上下料,可对接AGV小车自动上下料、自动读取包装单元的信息、对每粒芯片进行自动检测、标记并上传MES。

Test items:

1. Bad linear products, such as line collapse, line swing, tight line, high line arc, low line arc, flat top, flying line, broken line, etc;

2. Foot type bad products, such as crooked nail feet, warped nail feet, foot deformation, etc;

3. Ball type defective products, ball size, ball displacement, ball deformity, etc;

4. Die out of position bad products;

5. Foreign matters and bad products, such as wire, excess wire, excess die, broken neck and bad products.



In order to meet the requirements of different customers, we have made the following three different models

1.2D model is mainly aimed at defective products that can be detected in plane, such as bubble detection, linewidth detection, solder joint size detection, wire breakage, missing welding and other detection of BGA;

2.2.5d model adds line shape, line height, deformation and zigzag detection on the basis of 2D, which can detect the left and right sides of the product, with a wider detection range and stronger applicability;

3.2.5d+360 ° rotating model can detect different sides of the product through the rotation of the product. In this way, it can completely detect the four sides of a product or location point, and achieve 3D detection effect.

intelligenceCounting machine

intelligenceCounting machine具有一套X-ray成像系统,抽屉式伸缩放料托盘,同时具有5组有无产品确认感应。主要针对半导体、SMT行业内的编带元件进行点数,可适应7英寸-15英寸料盘(厚度4-80mm)。可配备扫码枪、扫码CCD和打印机等工具,将检测结果上传MES系统,并将结果根据需求格式打印出来贴附于产品上。

Application scope:

Film capacitors, resistors, diodes, triodes, IC and other common materials. The material packaging includes bare disks and anti-static plastic packaging. Its database is continuously updated, can seamlessly connect ERP, MES, etc., and supports SPC statistics in any format, and automatic saving of pictures and results.

At present, power semiconductor products represented by MOSFET and IGBT have become the most popular in the global discrete device market. Power semiconductor devices are widely used in all kinds of electronic products. China is the world’s largest power semiconductor consumer. With the development trend of import substitution in the domestic power semiconductor industry, China’s power semiconductor industry will continue to grow in the future.

In the context of the two wheel drive of scientific and Technological Development and national strategy, Zhengye technology will focus on the development of testing products in the field of discrete devices and power semiconductors, deepen scientific and technological research and development, expand the market scale, enhance the influence of domestic brands, and strive to be the first to enter the forefront of international discrete device testing, so as to improve the quality of semiconductor devices to a new level.