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Donating money to fight the epidemic and never forgetting the mission at home — Dandong Baite in action

Recently, the national epidemic has made a comeback, the number of confirmed cases has increased significantly, schools in some cities have been closed, enterprises and institutions have been shut down, the impact of the epidemic on economic life has become apparent again, and the scientific instrument industry is once again facing the impact of the COVID-19. Under the epidemic situation, we saw the watch and mutual assistance of instrument peers in special periods, as well as the most beautiful”retrograde” of scientific instrument people on the road of anti epidemic In this regard, the instrument information network has carried out special research“On the spot record of the instrument circle’s fight against COVID-19 in 2022″Special activities, widely solicit the outstanding deeds of scientific instrument enterprises in this round of fighting the epidemic, and display and carry forward the deeds and spirit of the instrument circle in fighting the epidemic bravely.

In this issue, let’s take a look,Dandong Baite Instrument Co., LtdA documentary on the fight against the epidemic.

On April 25, in response to the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19, Dandong, China’s largest border city, implemented the whole region static management, and the whole city pressed the pause button. Dandong Baite staff took urgent action, actively participated in the fight against the epidemic and properly arranged their work and life.

俗话说患难见真情。一个企业、一个品牌和一个团队的担当,不是看它说什么,而是看它怎么做。Dandong Baite Instrument Co., Ltd作为国家高新技术企业,在做优做强企业的同时,始终勇于承担社会责任,积极参与和支持家乡的抗击疫情工作。在丹东实行静态管理的第二天,公司就雪中送炭,率先向本次疫情的重点区域——丹东市振兴区捐赠10万元抗疫资金,为尽快战胜疫情贡献一份力量。早在三年前新冠疫情爆发之初,百特就向丹东市慈善总会捐助10万元抗疫资金,向社会各界捐赠一百多只红外测温枪和大批口罩等防疫物资,百特全体党员还共同捐赠一笔5万余元的“特殊党费”作为抗疫资金,为当时抗击疫情和复工复产做出了贡献。三年来,丹东百特与全体员工在扶贫帮困、捐资助学、抗击疫情等方面捐款捐物累计超过130万元,用实际行动彰显了责任与担当。

On the second day of home office, the company held a video conference for all employees. General manager Dong Qingyun told everyone to trust the party and the government, actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control, and do a good job in self-protection. If you don’t believe rumors, don’t spread rumors. He praised the company’s employees Hou Jian and Liu guixiancheng for their initiative to sign up for community anti epidemic volunteers, and encouraged other young employees to sign up actively to contribute to winning the war of annihilation for epidemic prevention and control.

During the period of working at home, general manager Dong Qingyun asked the company to carry out online training, online sales, remote debugging, remote service and other work, so as to stop production and provide continuous service; Internally arrange various departments and posts, improve technical schemes, write project reports, analyze experimental data, and carry out a series of activities such as learning technology and work standards, so as to add a stronger driving force to Baite after returning to work. At the video conference, general manager Dong Qingyun solemnly promised all Baxter employees:”no matter how long the shutdown is, everyone’s wages will be paid as usual and on time.” The resounding commitment not only adds confidence and strength to all employees to overcome the epidemic, but also expresses the firm determination of the company to overcome difficulties together with employees.

Be honest and responsible. Baite is a warm family. In view of a series of inconveniences and problems caused by home isolation, the company’s leaders and all employees took positive actions to deliver hot water bottles and clothes to the employees’ children who were centrally isolated in the shelter hospital, and provide psychological counseling and comfort to the employees. At the same time, they also sent grain, oil, rice, meat, eggs and vegetables to the employees who were not well prepared for daily necessities at home, and contacted ambulances to pick them up at home for the employees who needed medical treatment. The father of an employee of the company has been seriously ill for a long time and needs to go to the hospital for dialysis regularly. Since the residential area is classified as a key sealing area, this usual thing has become a difficult problem in the past; The company actively contacted relevant departments and leaders, and street, district and municipal leaders and disease control departments urgently mobilized resources to successfully solve this problem. In this regard, song Liyue, chairman of Dandong CPPCC, said passionately:”when an official is not in charge of the people, it’s better to go home and sell sweet potatoes. It’s the bounden responsibility of the leaders to solve the difficulties encountered by the people. If you have something to tell us, we will do our best.” With such a positive government and leaders who are aware of the situation of the people, Dandong will overcome the epidemic and regain its vitality as soon as possible.


As a leading enterprise in the field of particle size testing in China and a famous high-tech company in Dandong, Dandong Baite takes it as its duty to provide users with high-performance particle size instruments and professional services in ordinary times. During the epidemic period, Dandong Baite will also fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise, never forget its original intention, keep in mind its mission, and overcome difficulties in the same boat.