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[electron microscope video competition] have you seen sesame seeds under the scanning electron microscope?

Electron microscope is known as”the third eye of mankind”. After nearly a century of development, it has become an important means of material microstructure analysis. In order to help more users understand the technology of electron microscope, as well as the application scenarios, manufacturers and brands of electron microscope, the instrument information network specially launched this【Electron microscope video collection】The majority of electron microscope users and manufacturers can participate in the award-winning activities free of charge.

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This time, I will introduce to youcome fromUser itismeSubmission ofvideoSesame seeds under scanning electron microscopeUser willSesame particle spray platingPAfter t,Guoyi quantumSEM 3100 tungsten filament scanning electron microscope, viaConstantly magnifying, it is observed that the surface of sesame particles is not flat and smooth, butA bumpy structure。 According to the data, sesame seed epidermisOutermostlayerbyoneCylindrical cells arranged in a row of grids, with the outer wall slightly protruding outward in a round head shape,withinIt is full of melanin and contains spherical calcium oxalate crystals

one起come跟着videoLook at the sesame seeds under the electron microscopebar~~~

Sesame seeds under scanning electron microscope


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