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Express | Perkin Elmer responds to the unilateral termination of Eddie pharmaceutical

On June 7, twenty22, Jiangsu Aidi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. issued a voluntary disclosure announcement about the wholly-owned subsidiary Nanjing Arcelor Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”Arcelor”) unilaterally lifting the general agency right of Perkin Elmer medical diagnostic products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”Perkin Elmer”) for HIV diagnostic reagents and instruments in China. After the news was released, it attracted wide attention in the industry. The editor of the instrument information network contacted Perkin Elmer on this matter.

Recently, Perkin Elmer said that there were vague and one-sided wording in the announcement. Since both parties signed the cooperation agreement at the end of two thousand and twenty-one, Arcelor has not performed relevant responsibilities and obligations as required by the contract, and has not carried out the agreed business activities. Even so, Perkin Elmer still adheres to the spirit of the contract, as always, supports and cooperates with Arcelor, and urges Arcelor to perform the contract. It is a pity that Arcelor still fails to complete relevant marketing activities as required by the contract.

Perkin Elmer said that Arcelor’s refusal to perform the contract and its unilateral termination had a negative impact on Perkin Elmer’s brand reputation and business development. The Perkin Elmer HIV diagnostic reagents and instruments involved in the cooperation between the two sides are registered products approved by the State Food and drug administration, which have been verified by strict registered clinical research and real-world application data, as well as strict ex factory quality inspection. Perkin Elmer has made further negotiations with Arcelor and its parent company Jiangsu Aidi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on their breach of contract, and it is not excluded that they will be investigated for their relevant responsibilities in the form of litigation.

The instrument information network will continue to pay attention to the follow-up progress.

Event Background:

two thousand and twenty-oneyeartwelvemonthtwentyOn the th, Arcelor and Perkin Elmer signed the agreement onHIVAccording to the contract, Arcelor obtained Perkin ElmerHIVThe general agency right of diagnostic reagents and instruments in Chinese Mainland (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and the authorization period is from the effective date of the contract totwenty24yeartwelvemonththirty-oneDay.

而合同签署仅半year左右,Anselle proposed to terminate the contract with Perkin Elmer.