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Focus on soil Sanpu! A wave of dry goods for heavy metal detection!

According to the work plan of the third national soil survey, the detection of heavy metals in soil has become an important part of the detection of physical and chemical properties, and the test method of heavy metal indicators should be consistent with the detailed survey of soil pollution of agricultural land in China.

In the”technical regulations on soil sample analysis and testing methods for national detailed survey of soil pollution”, the soil heavy metal detection and analysis methods involved include AAS, XRF, ICPMS, ICPAES, AFS and other five categories.

Therefore, from August 9 to 10, 2022, 10 experts from the three fields of environment, geology and agriculture will gather for the first time to participate in the live broadcast of the”third soil heavy metal detection conference” in the network lecture hall of the instrument information network!

The conference set up three special sessions:

Morning of August 9:on site and rapid detection(Click this scarlet letter to register

Afternoon of August 9:Sample Pretreatment Technology(Click this scarlet letter to register

All day on August 10:analysis and detection technology(Click this scarlet letter to register

On August 9, the expert reported:

Expert report 1:《Progress of soil heavy metal spectrometry standard project and evaluation of method validation results

Li Yuwu, the former director of the analysis and Testing Technology Research Office of the national environmental analysis and testing center, prepared to establish the quality system of the center in 2005 and has long served as the quality director of the center and the authorized signatory of metrology certification (CMA) and laboratory certification (CNAs). From 1997 to 2016, he worked in the national environmental analysis and testing center, and his main research direction was XRF analysis method. He successively presided over the formulation of six national HJ standards for environmental protection, undertook four special research tasks for instruments of the Ministry of science and technology, and successfully passed the acceptance.

Expert report II:《Study on rapid detection and remediation of heavy metal pollution in farmland soil

刘桀佳:高级工程师,检验检测机构资质认定国家级评审员,CSTM中国材料与试验团体标准委员会委员,中国冶金地质总局专家委员会委员,仪器信息网《原子吸收光谱实战宝典》编委。主持农业农村部“十四五”国家科技支撑重点课题研究,荣获科研成果一等奖,并发表《Study on rapid detection and remediation of heavy metal pollution in farmland soil》等多篇科技核心期刊论文及软件著作。 

Expert report III:《Field rapid detection technology of heavy metal pollution in soil

Xueyingang, a professor of Changzhou University, is one of the first batch of national environmental monitoring”third five year plan” talents of the Ministry of environmental protection, and the national environmental protection professional and technical young top-notch talents. The main research interests are environmental health and safety, research and development of environmental monitoring technology and equipment, and Research on national environmental standards. Presided over and participated in more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial projects, formulated one national environmental protection standard, and participated in three national standards. It has won the”10th Youth Science and Technology Award” of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences, the third prize of the science and technology progress award of the Ministry of environmental protection, and the second and third prizes of the science and technology progress award of environmental protection of Jiangsu Province.

Expert report IV:《Soil pretreatment solutions

An Shuqing, a second-class researcher, was once the director of the laboratory of Tianjin Geological Survey Center. He has also served as the vice chairman of the geological and mineral experimental testing sub Technical Committee of the National Technical Committee for land and resources standardization, the director level reviewer of national qualification recognition, the vice chairman of Tianjin analysis and Testing Association, the vice chairman of Tianjin X-ray analysis and Research Association, and the member of the editorial board of rock and mineral testing. He has been engaged in the testing and analysis of major and trace elements in rocks, minerals, soil and water for a long time, and has published 3 monographs. He has published more than 30 papers in domestic and foreign scientific journals. As an expert, I participated in the inspection and acceptance of the test data of geological survey 1:50000, 1:250000 geochemical exploration and agricultural land environment detailed survey experiments.

Expert report V:《Key points of soil heavy metal pretreatment technology

Zhao primary school, senior engineer, technical leader of Henan Key Laboratory, member of the National Technical Committee for standardization of environmental monitoring methods, environmental monitoring”three five talents” of the Ministry of ecological environment, and environmental protection professional technology”young top talents”. The front line of the experiment has undertaken the routine soil monitoring of the national network over the years, the sampling and separation of surface water, and the analysis of heavy metals in the samples of the national farmland soil condition detailed survey in 2018. It has excellent theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in the field of heavy metal monitoring with AFS, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, WDXRF, CVAAS and other instruments. In the past 10 years, 20 academic papers have been published in Chinese core journals; Participated in the compilation of 3 textbooks for environmental monitoring industry; Presided over the formulation of 5 local standards and participated in 3 National Environmental quasi monitoring technical standards; 7 patents and 3 invention patents were approved; Presided over and achieved 4 provincial-level technical achievements.(click on the picture to register)

On August 10, the expert reported:

Expert report I:analysis and detection of heavy metals in soil of mining area (tentative)

Qi Jianying,Researcher of South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, mainly engaged in the study of environmental chemical behavior and environmental risk assessment of heavy metals in the environment. As a research backbone, he presided over the”Research on the influence of water-soluble organic matter on the migration and transformation mechanism of antimony in soil” of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and participated in the”potential ecological risk assessment of Heavy Metal Tl in mining areas on local environmental ecology”,”Research on the adsorption/desorption characteristics and influencing factors of thallium in the soil of mining areas – field monitoring and laboratory simulation” The special scientific research projects of environmental protection public welfare industries include”Research on the content, form, source, migration and transformation of mercury in different environmental media and foods in the Pearl River Delta and human exposure level” and”Research on key technologies for the prevention, control and management of atmospheric environmental pollution from municipal solid waste incineration”. He has published more than 70 articles in core journals at home and abroad, such as E.P, E.I, j.h.m, and has 12 utility patents. In 2011, he won the second prize of the Ministry of education for scientific and technological progress.

Expert report II:《Determination of 18 elements in soil by super microwave digestion inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-OES)

Lu Kang, engineer, Institute of food quality, safety and testing, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Expert report III:《Analysis of difficulties in detecting heavy metals in soil by ICP-MS

Jiang Hongxin, assistant researcher of the environmental protection research and Monitoring Institute of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, doctor of analytical chemistry of Nankai University, presided over 6 key research and development sub projects of the 14th five year plan, National Natural Science Foundation of China and other projects; A total of 15 papers were published, including 10 first and correspondents, with a cumulative impact factor of 123.08, 3 national invention patents, and 2 works. The research direction is the research on rapid detection methods of environmental hazard factors, mainly focusing on the research and development of detection technology of heavy metals in the environment of origin.

Expert report IV:《Data quality evaluation of soil heavy metals determination by AAS, XRF and AFS methods in ecological environment monitoring

Jiang Xiaoxu, senior engineer of China national environmental monitoring station. It is mainly engaged in environmental monitoring technology, quality control technology, environmental quality monitoring and evaluation and other businesses and research work. Its main research directions are the formulation of heavy metal monitoring method standards in environmental media, the research of on-site rapid detection technology and equipment development, and the research of monitoring technology of new pollutants such as microplastics, polychlorinated naphthalene, organic phosphate ester and so on. Presided over and participated in the completion of three national major instrument research and development projects, three national key research and development plan topics/sub topics, one national ecological environment standard, and one National Natural Science Foundation project. He has published more than 30 papers related to environmental monitoring technology, including more than 10 SCI papers. It has obtained one national invention patent authorization and one utility model patent.

Application scheme of cutting-edge technology:

Semefi:《Application of portable instruments in soil monitoring and hazardous waste treatment

Jena, Germany:《Efficient detection solution for heavy metals in soil in Jena, Germany – help Sanpu and guard it carefully



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