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Focusing on high-speed electronic measurement technology, the high-level self-reliance competitive salon was successfully held

Instrument information network At 10:00 a.m. on April 18, 2022, the 41st session of”home of engineers” forum and”high-level self-reliance and self-improvement competitive Salon” were successfully held in conference room 234, m building, Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This salon adopts the form of online and offline synchronous live broadcasting to realize manufacturer user, R & D market application, multi-dimensional interconnection and free communication, which has attracted the attention of the industry.

Speech by Lu Jun, senior engineer of Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The salon began with a speech and introduction by Lu Jun, engineer of Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Lu Jun said that the forum has the honor to invite the technical representatives of two listed enterprises in the domestic general measuring instrument manufacturing industry, engineer Xu Xiaowei of Chengdu Jiujin technology and engineer Li Min of Shenzhen dingyang technology to explain the”high-speed electronic signal precision measurement technology” on the same stage, and carry out the competitive demonstration of excellent domestic instruments on the spot.

Zhu Qing, marketing director of Chengdu Jiujin Beijing Branch

After the speech, first of all, Zhu Qing from Chengdu Jiujin technology introduced the current situation of China’s high-end electronic testing and measuring instrument market, and said that there is a”neck” technical barrier for high-end electronic measuring instruments, and the market capacity is large. The high-end market is basically monopolized by foreign countries, with a large amount of imports. Subsequently, Zhu Qing introduced Jiujin technology. It is reported that Jiujin technology, founded in 2012, focuses on the R & D, production and sales of high-end electronic measuring instruments, and provides a special test system based on general test technology. It has broadband ultra wideband multi-channel signal generation and simulation technology, broadband high isolation excitation source and multi-channel signal separation and reception technology, and broadband large dynamic broadband signal reception and analysis technology.

Xu Xiaowei, engineer of Chengdu Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd

Report title:insight into stealth combat power and focus on domestic instruments

Then xuxiaowei, an engineer from Jiujin technology, introduced the field of high-end scientific research instruments and equipment, and the core technologies and products of Chengdu Jiujin in the field of high-speed electronic signal measurement, including vector signal analyzer psa5000a, vector network analyzer vna1000a and ATS automatic test system scheme. It is reported that the performance of these products is fully benchmarked with the same instrument of international first-line brands. At the same time, the software and hardware are independently designed and developed, with module level and board level self-control.

Li Min, director of North China District of Shenzhen dingyang Technology Co., Ltd

Report title:introduction to four general products of dingyang

Subsequently, engineer Li Min introduced dingyang technology and its four general products in detail in the report. It is reported that starting from the independent research and development of digital oscilloscope, dingyang technology has become one of the few manufacturers in the world who can simultaneously develop, produce and sell the main products of four general electronic test and measurement instruments:digital oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyzer and vector network analyzer. It is the only national key”little giant” enterprise in the four main product fields of the industry. Dingyang technology is also the first A-share listed company in the general electronic testing and measuring instrument industry. From a cost-effective oscilloscope with both bandwidth and vertical resolution to a handheld high-voltage fully isolated oscillograph, dingyang technology has won EDN, aspencore, EE times, ACE award and R & amp; D 100 finalists and other awards are recognized. Customers cover 80%of the world’s top 20 5g mobile phone companies, 90%of the world’s top 10 automobile companies, 84%of the world’s top 25 technology companies and 90%of QS’s top 100 universities. They are widely used in the fields of communication, semiconductor, aerospace, automotive electronics, scientific research and education.

Advanced user dialogue Q & A

报告环节结束后,沙龙进入Advanced user dialogue Q & A环节,报告嘉宾与现场观众围绕国产仪器展开了热烈的交流,特别是针对国产电子测试测量仪器的核心芯片的自主化、国产替代的难点与痛点、ADC芯片技术难点等问题发表了观点。李旸表示,芯片问题是整个仪器产业一个最大的痛点和现实的问题,高速的ADC芯片在国际上遵循瓦森纳协议,国内的此类企业在某些场合需要向美国商务部提特殊申请,才有可能获取高端一些的芯片才能造成更高级的仪器,而是德科技的InP芯片生产线也是惠普在80年代投资,研发三四十年才开花结果。

Licensing group photo

With the end of the question and answer session, associate researcher Zhao Kun from the Institute of physics presented the”engineer’s home” forum commemorative board to the representatives of Jiujin technology and dingyang technology. Finally, the on-site guests and the manufacturer’s personnel carried out free discussion and test run activities. The products on display include high-resolution digital oscilloscope sds6000 pro, handheld oscillograph shs1000x, real-time spectrum analyzer ssa3000x-r, sna5085x vector network analyzer, ssg5085a signal source, vector signal analyzer psa5000a, vector network analyzer vna1000a and other instruments.