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Focusing on the research and development of tumor immune drugs, Xinyue biological announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round of financing

Shenzhen Xinyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”Xinyue biotechnology”) recently announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round of financing. This pre-A round of financing is led by bangqin capital, followed by edifying star venture capital (Qirong venture capital) and Guocheng Dejun, and the angel round investor Tongchuang Weiye continues to increase. In July last year, Xinyue biological completed the angel round financing led by Tongchuang Weiye and followed by Qianhai Chuang incubation. The main purpose of this financing is to accelerate the construction of del3.0 (del+ai) technology platform and the layout and development of new drug pipelines, meet a large number of unmet clinical needs in tumor immunity and other fields, and realize the vision of”Empowering new drug development with characteristic technologies and making good drugs affordable to the people”.

Shenzhen Xinyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded in April 2021, is the first biotechnology company incubated by Guangdong small molecule new drug innovation center. Relying on the del3.0 technology platform with independent intellectual property rights and the unique live cell screening technology, Xinyue bio focuses on the discovery, research and development and industrialization of FIC innovative drugs for unmet clinical needs, and is committed to becoming an international leading biotechnology company with distinctive characteristics.

The core technical link of the innovative drug industry chain is new drug discovery. About one third of the cost of new drug development is spent on new drug discovery and preclinical stage, which takes five to six years. New drug development has the characteristics of high investment, high risk and long cycle. The whole process from the discovery of new molecular entities to the marketing of innovative drugs requires the synthesis and testing of a large number of compounds. New technical tools have become the key factors to change the current situation of new drug development.

DNA encoded Library (DEL) technology is a new high-throughput drug screening technology. Combined with the advantages of combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening technology, it can efficiently find small molecules with high affinity with the target protein, which can greatly improve the success probability of drug research and development, reduce research and development costs, and shorten the research and development cycle. The Del 2.0 technology developed by Xinyue biology can be applied to the screening based on living cells. Compared with the biochemical model of the previous generation technology, the screening of del 2.0 technology does not require the expression and purification of target proteins, and is closer to the real environment in vivo, expanding the range of targets available for screening, and improving the success rate of new drug screening.

With the accumulation of drug research and development data and the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology (AI), the application of AI in new drug discovery is increasing, and its advantages are also highlighted. The del3.0 technology platform of Xinyue biology effectively combines del and AI to achieve complementarity, which can not only solve the problem of low quality of DNA coding database construction, but also solve the problem of lack of high-quality big data in AI technology, build an AI model that can be updated and iterated quickly, and significantly accelerate the process of new drug development. The conceptual verification of del3.0 platform has been completed, and the results have been formed into papers and received by high-level SCI journals.

More than a year after its establishment, Xinyue biology and Professor Ding Ke team of Jinan University jointly developed a new generation of targeted antitumor drugs, and reached a new drug development cooperation with Lida pilot and Nanjing Jingzhun to develop tumor immunotherapy drugs for new targets. Del3.0 has screened and about 40 targets to be screened, and has an extremely rich pipeline reserve. Some project data are satisfactory and the business prospect is broad.

He Xun, founder and chairman of Xinyue biology, said:”Thanks to the current round of investors bangqin capital, Qirong venture capital, Guocheng Dejun and the old shareholder Tongchuang Weiye for their support and trust in Xinyue bio, which is a full recognition of Xinyue bio’s del3.0 technology platform and pipeline layout. Del+ai is likely to become the main screening method in the field of small molecule NEW drug discovery. The company will continue to improve the del3.0 technology platform and explore the application of new combination scenarios of del+x, such as del+protac, del+ allosteric site drug development, etc Domain, promote the pipeline under research, actively carry out long-term cooperation with top pharmaceutical enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, and build a world leading innovative pharmaceutical enterprise with differentiated technology. With the support of this financing, we will continue to expand our R & D team, deepen del3.0 technology mining, layout and promote project pipelines, and achieve new milestones.”

Dr. liumingyu, founding partner of bangqin capital, said:”Bangqin capital continues to pay attention to the breakthroughs brought by new technologies in the field of new drug research and development. Xinyue bio is the first project led by bangqin capital in the field of innovative drugs. In the past half a year, through many visits and exchanges, bangqin project team has deeply understood the development layout of the whole industry and believes that Xinyue bio’s business model is unique in the industry. It not only has a technical tool for new drug screening, but also a source of new drugs The development platform of original small molecule new drugs will be created. Through the dual track driven mode of independent research and development and joint development, it will have a broader development space and rising potential in the future than traditional biotechnology companies.”

The person in charge of Tongchuang Weiye investment said:”Tongchuang Weiye focuses on cutting-edge innovation in science and technology, focusing on scientific and technological innovation enterprises that meet the national strategy and break through key technologies. Xinyue biological R & D team has accumulated a lot of experience and built a world leading del3.0 technology platform. Based on this platform technology, we hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises in the future, starting from Shenzhen to serve the global new drug industry.”

Wei Jiashen, managing director of Qirong venture capital, said:”Xinyue bio has the underlying innovative technology, the project pipeline of independent research and development and joint development, the research and development team of the whole industrial chain of new drug research and development, and the flexible business model, which have strengthened the confidence of Qirong venture capital in this investment. Qirong venture capital will give full play to the synergy of investment and global network resources, provide Xinyue bio with comprehensive and the hottest post investment value-added services, and work together.”

Tan Jiacheng, executive partner of Guocheng Dejun, said:”Enterprises are the key subjects of technological innovation and self-reliance of high-level biotechnology. We firmly believe that the unique live cell screening del technology of Xinyue biology can truly empower the development of biotechnology in China, bring new and revolutionary leaps, truly benefit the industry and patients, improve human health, and also play a positive role in promoting the technological progress of the biomedical industry and consolidating the core competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry And exemplary role.”