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Four companies invested 400million to develop these 28 commonly used laboratory equipment!

With the release of financial reports of major listed Instrument Companies in 2021, the instrument information network made a special topic some time ago toInterpretation of global instrument market pattern by financial report

Among the massive data disclosed by listed instrument companies, one data particularly attracted the attention of editors, involving the key instrument projects currently being researched by major domestic instrument manufacturers, as well as the project progress, project significance, and even the project investment amount.

According to incomplete statistics based on financial report information, four scientific instrument manufacturers, including leibertiac, Haier biology, Tailin biology and Titan technology, have invested more than 400million yuan to develop 28 commonly used laboratory equipment. Which equipment is favored by listed instrument enterprises, and what is the strategic layout behind R & D? This article will tell you.

Note:the following information is compiled from the public data of listed instrument companies by the instrument information network.

  Leibertico 11 items, aiming at the international competitive level

  Beijing leibotaike Instrument Co., LtdFounded in 2002, it was listed on the science and innovation board in September, 2020. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of experimental analytical instruments and the implementation of clean and environment-friendly laboratory solutions. It has always been committed to the research and development of fully automatic experimental detection platform, connecting the whole detection process including sample collection and processing, automatic sample injection, analysis and detection, and intelligent data analysis, covering and connecting all links of experimental analysis, including environmental monitoring, food detection, Medical Pharmacy Users in geological survey and other fields provide automatic and systematic overall solutions for experimental analysis and detection.

It can be seen from the information on projects under research disclosed in the 2021 annual report of leibertec that laboratory equipment is still the focus of the layout of this listed experimental and analytical instrument manufacturer, accounting for more than 80%. A number of projects under research reflect the pursuit of greenery and intelligence, aiming at”equal level of international similar products”, and some products pursue”surpassing the level of international and domestic similar products”.

  Haier biology carried out”low temperature” to the end with 14 items

  Qingdao Haier biomedical Co., LtdIn october2019, it made its initial public offering and successfully landed on the science and innovation board. From the perspective of application scenarios, Haier biomedical is an infrastructure equipment and solution service provider in the field of biosafety. Its products and solutions are mainly used in biosafety scenarios such as biological sample library, vaccine safety, blood safety, drug and reagent safety, etc. At present, its products and solutions are widely used in downstream application fields. Users include hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies, universities and other scientific research institutions, testing centers, centers for Disease Control and prevention, etc.

From the perspective of R & D projects, Haier biomedicine is still mainly focused on the development of low-temperature and ultra-low temperature equipment, and there are 8 projects related to it in 2021. In addition, it has also developed safety cabinets, disinfection and sterilization series, test boxes, centrifuges and other related products.

  TITAN Technology 2, heating plate + centrifuge

  Shanghai TITAN Technology Co., LtdFounded in October2007, it was listed on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on october30,2020, focusing on providing one-stop laboratory products and supporting services for scientific researchers and quality control personnel. In the R & D list of Titan technology, in addition to the innovation of reagents, management systems and platforms, Titan technology is currently focusing on the development of two laboratory equipment:integrated graphene infrared heating plate and intelligent balancing system high-speed refrigerated centrifuge.

  Item 1 of Tailin biology:automatic large capacity carbon dioxide incubator

  Zhejiang Tailin Biotechnology Co., LtdFounded in 2002, it successfully landed in the A-share market on January 14, 2020 and was officially listed and traded in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company focuses on technological innovation and product research and development in biotechnology, life sciences, analytical instruments and other fields, and has built a complete microbial detection and control technology system, which has obvious advantages in the field of microbial detection and control.

Based on its original advantages in the field of microbial detection, Tailin biology developed an automatic high-capacity carbon dioxide incubator in 2021 to solve the problem of single batch high-capacity culture of stem cells, which can be connected with the automatic culture system to realize the full automation of cell expansion.