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Fuli instrument talks about GC’s contribution to the development of energy and chemical industry:all”phases” are swept away, and all”capabilities” are done

Traditional energy, mainly oil, coal and natural gas, belongs to non renewable fossil energy. Traditional energy is widely used in daily life and production, especially in industrial production. At present, fossil energy accounts for 85%of global energy consumption, ranking first. The gas chromatography analysis method is stable and reliable, and has a wide range of applications. In oil, coal and natural gas exploitation, processing process control and finished product analysis, it is often used to analyze energy components to monitor their quality and master their properties, so as to provide reliable data support for the energy component information base.

Deep excavation – customized overall solution

The energy field has always been the main direction of Fuli instrument. Fuli has maintained in-depth development in this field for a long time, and has formed a series of overall solutions focusing on oil, natural gas and coal chemical industry. The process of energy and chemical industry is complex. In order to comprehensively monitor the composition of energy materials and processed products in the production process, analytical instruments must be stable and reliable, and mature supporting analytical technology is required.

The application of gas chromatography in the field of energy often requires multi valve and multi column technology. Most of the time, it needs special customization to meet the analysis requirements. Fuli company has a modification department, with a team led by senior modification engineers to carry out customized modifications for different application scenarios and strengthen the function of gas chromatography. For a long time, it has delivered integrated solutions including instruments and equipment, technology, consumables and analytical methods to typical users such as Sinopec, coal enterprises and energy and chemical enterprises.

Fuli has mature application solutions in petroleum crude oil detection, refinery gas analysis, petroleum product liquefied petroleum gas and gasoline analysis, natural gas component analysis, semi-finished product and finished product component analysis during coal processing, and limited component monitoring. For example, in refineries, refinery gas produced during oil processing is mainly C1-C5, H2, O2, N2, Co, CO2, and hydrocarbons above C6. Fuli adopts GC 9720plus gas chromatograph to support multi valve switching, and adopts the self-developed third-generation AFC gas path control system, with a control accuracy of 0.001psi. With the support of high-precision instrument detection, the configuration of 5-Valve 7-column (5 packed columns +2 capillary columns) FID + Dual TCD is customized through modification technology, and the rapid analysis of refinery gas composition can be realized within 6 minutes. Help energy enterprises quickly obtain component information and improve energy efficiency based on component information.

Exploration – new field of energy transformation

In 2020, China announced the”double carbon goal”:carbon emissions will reach a peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. At this stage, the main source of carbon emissions is the energy system, which is in the critical period of promoting the low-carbon transformation of energy. Energy conservation and emission reduction is one of the core essentials of China’s energy transformation. Promoting the clean and efficient utilization of fossil energy and gradually replacing fossil energy with new energy are all effective ways to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage technology can effectively increase carbon absorption and promote carbon neutralization.

Clean energy alternative technology and carbon reduction technology industry have also been derived. Battery electrochemical energy storage is the fastest-growing energy storage technology in China. It has a wide range of applications and low cost. It is a favored clean new energy. In the field of battery new energy, gas chromatography can effectively analyze the gas components in the battery bulge, reducing the potential safety hazards of battery energy use. Hydrogen energy, which is also a clean energy, has developed rapidly in recent years. Hydrogen energy is the ultimate energy of”zero carbon emission”. Compared with traditional fossil energy, it has the advantages of high calorific value, high energy density and zero carbon emission. Hydrogen energy is the core of future energy transformation. At this stage, hydrogen energy has been applied to many fields such as automobiles, rail transit, ships and so on through hydrogen fuel cell technology. Impurities in hydrogen used in hydrogen fuel cells will endanger the service life and safety of fuel cells. For the detection of such impurities, Fuli instrument can provide mature application solutions to ensure the safety of hydrogen used in hydrogen fuel.

Reducing carbon emissions through CO2 catalytic reduction is a potential solution to achieve the goal of carbon neutralization. Photocatalysis, electrocatalysis and hydrogenation reduction technology are widely used, and they are also research hotspots in recent years. In the process of CO2 catalytic reduction analysis, the reduction product and its component content reflect the reduction efficiency. Gas chromatography is connected to the back end of the catalytic equipment to realize the effect of detecting the catalytic reduction process. The detection products in the whole process are gas samples, which require high automation degree, control accuracy and detection accuracy of the instrument. Fuli GC 9720plus is highly automated and has strong adaptability. It can be carried with a variety of pretreatment equipment such as photocatalysis and electrocatalysis to accurately analyze the catalytic reduction of CO2 and provide reliable data results.

“Qi” is like thousands of things, and”phase” is complementary

The fossil energy system is the main source of carbon emissions, helping to achieve the dual carbon goal. China’s energy system needs comprehensive reform, and energy transformation is the only way. Improve energy efficiency, increase the proportion of clean new energy, use carbon conversion to achieve emission reduction, and promote clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient use of energy. Energy composition is an important evidence for processing and utilization. As an accurate and reliable scientific analysis instrument, gas chromatography is the key to energy quality detection and safety control. In the critical period of low-carbon energy transformation, Fuli instrument is ready to provide intelligent, automated and accurate analysis and detection instruments for the energy field. Fuli instrument will contribute scientific strength for a long time, promote the transformation of low-carbon energy with integrated application solutions, and help achieve the dual carbon goal.

This article is contributed by Fuli instrument

The field of energy and chemical industry has always been the base of gas chromatography applications. Throughout history, it can be found that the rise and development of gas chromatography technology is closely related to the research and industrial development needs of energy and chemical industry, mainly oil and coal. According to the survey, at present, nearly one-third of gas chromatographs are still used in this field every year.

At present, the world is undergoing a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Developed countries and regions are actively deploying green energy, low-carbon industries and clean technology. Carbon peak and carbon neutral (hereinafter referred to as”double carbon”) have become a new track for global scientific and technological innovation. Compared with developed countries, China’s time to achieve the”double carbon” goal is shorter and more difficult. Focusing on the transformation goal of low-carbon development, the energy and chemical industry is currently undergoing a comprehensive transformation and upgrading.

Recently, the instrument information network specially launched“Help the application of dual carbon gas chromatography in the field of energy”And widely solicit contributions from relevant experts, scholars, technicians and enterprise representatives, focus on gas chromatography analysis technology and its important role in the field of energy and chemical industry, and show the new technical solutions of gas chromatography technology in the context of the”double carbon” goal.