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Gewuzhihe completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan for the research and development of proteomics technology platform

Recently, gewuzhihe Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”gewuzhihe”) announced that it had completed nearly 100 million yuan of round a financing, which was jointly invested by Yuanhe origin and Xingze capital, and potential capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser. The funds raised by this round of financing will be mainly used for the company’s continuous research and development of a series of independent innovation technology platforms in the direction of proteomics and spatial omics, and accelerate the development, registration and application of a new generation of self-developed hypersensitive single molecule protein detection system and related neurodegenerative disease marker detection kits.

Founded in november2019, gewuzhihe has strategically arranged the development of technical platforms such as hypersensitive protein detection, high-throughput transcriptome and spatial proteome around the fields of brain science and tumor, guided by scientific research and clinical application, relying on the core advantages of the team’s independent research and development and resource integration, and will successively launch a series of innovative products that can be widely used in clinical detection around the early screening, early diagnosis and concomitant detection of neurological diseases, To fill the gap in this field in China. The company has gathered a group of management and R & D talents with rich experience in the field of precision medicine and a global vision, with strong R & D, operation and commercialization capabilities.

Xujunquan, the founder, has worked in Boao bio group for many years. He has successively served as general manager, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief executive officer of Boao bioscience division, and chairman of Shenzhen microchip Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Xujunquan has more than 20 years of experience in scientific research and clinical diagnosis, and has led his team to obtain more than 30 class II and III IVD certificates; I have won 50 domestic and foreign authorized patents (25 U.S. authorized patents); He has published more than 10 high-level SCI academic papers.

The digital ELISA detection platform under development by gewuzhihe has FG level detection sensitivity. The whole platform system includes digital ELISA microfluidic chip, detection instrument, supporting software and related detection kits. The research and development of the whole platform system involves many interdisciplinary disciplines, including microfluidic technology, automatic control, microscopic imaging, computational graphics, surface chemistry, antibody development, protein labeling detection and other related technologies. Gewuzhihe has profound theoretical knowledge and industrial experience in microfluidic chip design, processing and development of detection instrument platform. Its core members have successfully developed and industrialized several microfluidic and droplet chip platform systems. Gewuzhihe further authorized from Tsinghua University to transform the high-throughput transcriptome detection technology with independent intellectual property rights. This technology is a panoramic high-throughput molecular function screening and research method based on high-throughput sequencing and characteristic gene expression profile. It has the advantages of high throughput, fully automatic operation and fast speed.

In the future, gewuzhihe will combine the company’s comprehensive technical capabilities such as microfluidic design, optical detection/system integration, high-throughput transcriptome detection and protein hypersensitivity detection to promote the next generation of space omics technology based on transcriptome and proteome detection into the fields of scientific research, diagnosis and new drug development, and provide the world’s leading technologies and products for scientific research and clinical, especially in the field of neuroscience.

For this round of financing, Mr. xujunquan, founder and CEO of gewuzhihe, said:it is a great honor to be recognized by this round of investors. Sufficient financial support enables us to introduce more talents, increase R & D investment and accelerate the industrialization of products. In the next 20 years, China’s in vitro diagnosis industry will be an innovation driven market. Adhering to the core competitiveness driven by originality, gewuzhihe will continue to promote the improvement of underlying technologies and detection systems, accelerate the R & D and industrialization of proteomics, spatial omics and other multiomics technologies, and provide more innovative technologies and products for brain science research.

Dr. huxiaofang, partner of Yuanhe origin, said:in vivo, protein is the ultimate executor of function. With the rapid development of global proteomics, the screening tools for trace protein markers have become mature. We believe that ultra-high sensitivity protein detection will become an important development direction in the future. Gewuzhihe team has both overseas innovation technology vision and domestic industrialization development and landing ability, and quickly build a complete hypersensitive protein detection technology platform. We look forward to cooperating with gewuzhihe to help the company accelerate its growth and commercialize its products.

Dr. Qiang Jing, managing partner of Xingze capital, said:Xingze capital is committed to promoting the innovation and growth of Chinese life science enterprises, and takes promoting the progress and development of social industries as its own responsibility. In vitro diagnosis is the technical field that Xingze focuses on, and proteomics/spatial omics is a promising direction. Mr. xujunquan and his team have extremely rich professional knowledge background and industrial experience in the field of life sciences. We are very glad to cooperate with gewuzhihe and support the company to complete the round a financing of nearly 100 million yuan with Yuanhe origin. Xingze capital will help gewuzhihe bring greater value to human health by virtue of its team’s rich industry experience and global resource network. We expect that the company will usher in greater development in the future. We believe that under the leadership of the founding team, the company will become a world leading independent innovation technology platform company in the direction of proteomics and proteomics.