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Good news! The world’s first genetic anti-cancer drug”born again” landed in Hubei

“Accelerate the development of cell and gene therapy technology and products, strengthen the quality research and preclinical research of cell and gene therapy products, and accelerate the construction of research platforms such as cell therapy strategic resource bank Hubei pharmaceutical industryAn important part of the 14th five year plan.

July 20, 2022In the afternoon, at Wuhan Yangyuan International Conference Center, senoshengShenzhenGene industry development Co., LtdKinguan International Life Technology (Hubei) Group Co., LtdWuhan Zhongyuan hospital signed a strategic cooperation agreement,Official launchThe world’s first and the only gene antitumor drug in China that has obtained the approval of the national drug approvalRecombinerClinical application and development of p53 adenovirus injection -“jinyousheng” in Hubei Province

(picture source:Science and technology life report)


赛诺生(Shenzhen)基因产业发展有限公司首席科学家助理蔡玢博士接受采访时说到:“今又生作为就是人类的第一个用于治疗肿瘤的基因药物,诞生于2004年,According to clinical statistics, the effective rate of all human solid tumors is more than 90%Since Jin Yousheng approved the listing,Serving the world’s largest gene therapy populationNow the whole population has more than 100000 cases.”


Since the beginning of the world’s first clinical trial of gene therapy in the 1990s, incremental innovations have emerged in an endless stream for drug action mechanisms and drug delivery carriers at the gene level. The vigorous development of gene therapy has brought a brighter future for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  

On July 26, 2022, the instrument information network jointlyCytivaA number of enterprises have been specially invited to carry out activities in ChinaBasic research of gene therapy and research and development of nucleic acid drugsScientists, to share their new discoveries and progress with you, welcome to sign up,Free participation


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