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Guizhou science and Technology Department will support Maotai Group in preparing to build a National Key Laboratory

Recently, after signing a strategic cooperation agreement with the Department of science and technology of Guizhou Province, Maotai Group signed a”cloud contract” with three”national team” scientific research institutions, namely, the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Aquatic Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, in the future,Guizhou Provincial Department of science and technologyIn the setting of science and technology plan projects in the direction of brewing raw materials, intelligent brewing, intelligent sensory evaluation, bioengineering technology and waste resource utilization, Maotai Group will be given preferential resources, and Maotai Group will be supported to prepare for the establishment of Maotai Technology Research Institute, National Key Laboratory, technological innovation center and other”industry university research and application” integrated scientific and technological innovation platforms, so as to help Maotai Group reform the scientific and technological innovation system and mechanism of state-owned enterprises.

In the field of Microbiology, Maotai Group will work togetherinstitute of microbiology , carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of talent training, academic exchange and achievement transformation, jointly promote the research on microbial ecology, traceability of core strains, core microbial functions, excavation of microbial resources and applications, and preservation of microbial strains for Maotai liquor brewing in Maotai core production area, and strive to make new development and breakthroughs in the research field of brewing microorganisms.

On the ecological protection of Chishui River, Maotai Group has carried out a series of research, hoping to cooperate withInstitute of aquatic biology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCarry out further cooperation in the fields of Chishui River environmental monitoring, water microbial research and ecological assessment, and take practical actions to protect the river of life in Maotai.

In the field of ecological environment, Maotai Group will rely onChinese Academy of Environmental SciencesIn terms of advantages in environmental protection talents, technology and scientific research platform, carry out in-depth research in ecological protection, ecological environment restoration, cleaner production and circular economy, industrial green standards and other aspects of Chishui River Basin. Maotai Group funded the establishment of science and innovation fund to jointly carry out the research and development of”neck” technology in the field of ecological and environmental protection in the brewing industry, and jointly build an”industry university research and application” integrated scientific and technological innovation center, And promote and transform scientific and technological achievements.

Excerpt from:Science and Technology Daily

Original title:expanding the”circle of friends” of science and technology to highlight Maotai’s scientific and technological innovation ambition