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Guoke Keyi entered Huairou, Beijing with five innovative subjects

On July 26, the Huairou District People’s Government of Beijing and Guoke scientific instrument Holding Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract in the innovation town of Huairou Science City. Guoke Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. and five projects of Guoke scientific instrument group and scientific research institutes settled at the same time, adding new impetus to the agglomeration and development of high-end instrument equipment and sensor industry in Huairou District.

At present, the construction of Beijing Huairou comprehensive national science center is accelerating, and 17 of the 29 scientific facilities built during the 13th Five Year Plan period have been completed; The five scientific facilities laid out in the 14th five year plan are accelerating, and Huairou Science City has entered a new stage of construction and operation. The construction of major scientific and technological infrastructure is inseparable from high-end instruments and sensors. In order to fill the”toolbox” of scientific innovation with domestic sharp tools, Huairou Science City takes the high-end instrument and equipment and sensor industry as the top priority of its development. Scientific research institutions such as the Institute of high energy, the Institute of physics, the Institute of nano energy, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Yanqi Lake Institute of applied mathematics have gathered, and many batches of technological achievements have been produced.

Guoke Keyi is a high-end instrument and Equipment Industry Group wholly-owned by Guoke holdings, which has been committed to scientific and technological innovation and industrial development in the field of scientific instruments and equipment and core components, accelerating the independent research and development and industrialization of cutting-edge scientific instruments, and serving the development of cutting-edge scientific research and high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

The implementation of the cooperation between Guoke Keyi and Huairou district is not only a positive practice of the cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing, but also a specific measure to implement the strategic cooperation between Huairou District and Guoke holdings to jointly build Huairou instruments, but also an important step to promote the gathering of the start-up team of outstanding young talents of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Huairou District and build a high-end instrument and equipment and sensor industry base. Yuqingfeng, the head of Huairou District, said that Huairou District will cooperate with Guoke Keyi on the establishment of research institutes, the establishment of equity direct investment funds, and the creation of instrument industrial parks, give full policy support, provide comprehensive business services, and strive to build Huairou District into a”nursery” for the cultivation of enterprises and the transformation of achievements by the Chinese Academy of sciences through sincere cooperation between government and enterprises.

It is understood that after more than two years of efforts, the number of scientific instrument and sensor enterprises in Huairou District has increased from 20 to 140, with a seven fold increase, and the output value has increased from 400million yuan to 2.02 billion yuan, an increase of more than five times.”The cooperation between Guoke Keyi and Huairou District this time will help to form a cluster of high-end scientific instrument industries in Huairou, build an innovation ecosystem, develop high-tech industrial clusters with international competitiveness with upstream and downstream linkage, horizontal synergy and complementarity, and build a new pattern of large-scale, industrialized and clustered development. We will continue to work with Huairou District to promote the construction of a high-level global original innovation source, and constantly strengthen national strategic science and technology The force contributes to the role of the main force.” Suojishuan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Guoke holdings, said.