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Hexcon:precision measurement aiming at”the best in the world”

The”national manufacturing single champion enterprise” of the world’s top 500 companies in the software industry and the coordinate industry, and Leica 3D snowmobile guidance system provide snow support for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and are shortlisted in the list of Qingdao”industrial empowerment” scene demonstration and accreditation projects… This is the”gold lettered signboard” of hexcon. Recently, Qingdao awarded the first batch of 47 leading enterprises in the advanced manufacturing industry chain. As the leading enterprise in the precision instrument industry chain, one of the top ten strategic emerging industry chains in Qingdao, hexcon participated in the awarding ceremony.

What role does the precision instrument industry play in the development of manufacturing industry? The reporter walked into the chain owner enterprise located on Huaguan Road, high tech Zone, Qingdao, and visited how to optimize precision instruments and meters and promote intelligent manufacturing with quality as the core.”The precision instrument and meter industry is the foundation of ‘industrial strength’ and the basic support and core key to manufacturing breakthroughs,” said suizhanjiang, executive director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of hexcon manufacturing intelligent technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd,”We often say that to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, how to complete high-quality products? This requires strict and precise measurement of the whole manufacturing process, and continuous improvement and improvement of the process based on the measurement data, including material processing technology, part processing technology and assembly technology. Whoever has more accurate and comprehensive measurement data, and who has done more solid and better in all process links, will have better product quality.”

The measurement accuracy can reach one hundredth of the hair diameter

Walking into the hexcon dual intelligence empowerment center, at the aviation Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Island, the reporter saw a small robot scanning a piece of aircraft skin. While scanning, data information was also displayed in real time on one side of the computer screen. This is a large-size skin scanning scheme launched by hexcon for the measurement of large aviation structural parts such as skin.

While the hexcon intelligent system scans and detects the aircraft skin, the computer screen displays the detection information in real time.

“If there are bumps or depressions on the skin surface that cannot be seen by the naked eye, different colors will be displayed on the computer.” Sunzhihong, senior consultant of the digital business operation center of hexcon manufacturing intelligent technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., said that the scheme perfectly integrates the traditional reflective ball measurement function of the laser tracker with the advanced measurement level non-contact scanning measurement technology to perform scanning measurement and cloud data acquisition on the aircraft skin surface. After carrying the intelligent transport vehicle, it can also realize the automatic and batch measurement of large aviation structural parts, saving time and effort.

As the saying goes, a drop of a penny is a thousand miles away. For some small aviation components such as aviation blades, the seemingly small deviation will also affect the quality of the whole aircraft. Hexcon has launched a matrix blade measurement scheme, which adopts a three coordinate measuring machine, applies a flexible matrix fixture and independently developed matrix measurement software, and can realize the batch detection of small blade parts. The measurement process can also be visually displayed in the software. The one button measurement greatly improves the detection efficiency, and the accuracy is very high.”Up to 0.3 microns.” Sunzhihong said that one micron is about 1/70, 0.3 micron of the diameter of a hair, which means that the measurement accuracy is about 1/233 of the diameter of a hair.

“Bulges with high sand particles were detected on the flat ground with a diameter of 3 km”

“Hexcon has more than 200 years of rich experience in the field of precision measurement. It has the measurement products and solutions with the highest measurement accuracy, the largest measurement range and the widest product line in the world. It is the ‘national manufacturing single champion’ in the three-dimensional industry. At present, it has 14 world first products and 8 of the world’s most measuring technologies in the fields of ‘industrial sensors’ and’ industrial software ‘.” Sui Zhanjiang said.

Rooted in the Chinese market for more than 20 years, hexconn has witnessed and participated in the high-speed development of China’s manufacturing industry through localization research and development.”We are deeply involved in the digital transformation of enterprises through the three strategic paths of independent and controllable high-precision measurement equipment, intelligent manufacturing industrial software and intelligent manufacturing overall scheme. We use intelligent measurement equipment to ensure product quality, big data to analyze and predict production and operation conditions, and provide improvement basis for product design and manufacturing.” Sui Zhanjiang said that by virtue of the intelligent manufacturing technology ecology that runs through design, process and manufacturing, hexconn helped enterprises realize the dual improvement of data-driven quality and productivity, and contributed to the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Sui Zhanjiang introduced that at present, hexconn has formed a full life cycle digital core technology portfolio for the field of intelligent manufacturing, which is widely used in aerospace, electronics, rail transit, automobile, medical devices and other industries. It has not only helped the precision assembly of the fuselage of C919 domestic large aircraft, provided dimensional assurance for the carriage of harmony high-speed EMU, but also provided turnkey solutions for the R & D and mass production of FAW Volkswagen and BYD new energy vehicles, intelligent consumer electronics industries such as Huawei and Xiaomi, and new energy industries such as lithium, wind power and photovoltaic. Among them, in the China Super offshore wind turbine project, the high-precision CMM of hexcon realizes the ultra-high-precision detection task of super large gears with submicron precision,”for example, it is to detect a bulge with sand height on a flat ground with a diameter of 3 km.” Sui Zhanjiang said.

“As the leader of the precision instrument industry chain, hexconn will continue to give full play to its advantageous resources and accurately grasp the industrial development trend. On the one hand, hexconn will focus on breaking through the industrial innovation oriented to emerging industries and vertical fields and implement the strong chain supplement chain; on the other hand, hexconn will continue to optimize the industrial solutions that run through the whole product life cycle, promote intelligent manufacturing with quality as the core, establish and stabilize the overall ecological resources of the industrial chain and build innovation Service platform, carry out chain extension actions, and promote the integration and upgrading of industrial chain and innovation chain.” Sui Zhanjiang said.