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Horiba won the bid for the procurement project of Sichuan University confocal micro Raman spectrometer

one、 Project No.:sczzone7-zc-2022-05one6(Bidding Document No.:sczzone7-zc-2022-05one6)

2、 Project Name:procurement project of confocal micro Raman spectrometer of Sichuan University

3、 Bid winning (transaction) information

Supplier Name:Chengdu shengxinlong import and export trade Co., Ltd

Address of supplier:No. 3, floor 9, block a, Chuanyin building, No. 47, South Section one, onest ring road, Chengdu

Bid winning (transaction) amount:80 million yuan

4、 Main subject information

Serial number Supplier name Name of goods Brand of goods Cargo model Quantity of goods Unit price of goods (yuan)
one Chengdu shengxinlong import and export trade Co., Ltd Laser confocal micro Raman spectrometer    HORIBA      XploRAPlus      one套      8000000  

5、 List of review experts (single source procurement personnel):

Ligaoren (owner’s representative), lixiaolan, cuihongmei, Kang Di, jiaodaofeng

6、 Charging standard and amount of agency service:


Total amount of agency fee of the project:96000000 yuan (RMB)

7、 Announcement period


8、 Other supplementary matters


9、 If you have any questions about the contents of this announcement, please contact us in the following ways.


Name:Sichuan University

Address:No. 24, Section 1, South 1st ring road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

联系方式:李老师 028-854one6055      

2. purchasing agency information

Name:Sichuan Zhongzhi bidding Agency Co., Ltd

地 址:成都市高新区吉泰五路88号3栋7层one号(花样年·香年广场)            

联系方式:郑女士 028-845one0079            

3. project contact information

Project contact:Ms. Zheng

电 话:  028-87333799-0(报名相关事宜咨询)、028-845one0079-80oneone(项目相关事宜咨询)