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Huada Zhizao released dnbelab-d4 digital sample preparation system based on digital microfluidic technology

On July 23, 2022, at the third infectious diseases diagnostic technology innovation forum (IDD), Huada Zhizao released its independently developed digital sample preparation system dnbelab-d4. Ni Ming, senior vice president of Huada Zhizao and general manager of Qingdao Huada Zhizao, introduced the new products in detail.

Ni Ming said:”This is the first digital microfluidic automation platform launched by Huada Zhizao, which enriches our product layout. On the one hand, we have always adhered to innovation, and the new products that continue to incubate can help uncover the digital information related to life; on the other hand, we hope that our core technology tools can lead the industry, empower our users, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and make the whole process more convenient and faster.”

Huada Zhizao dnbelab-d4 is a portable sample preparation system, which can complete the whole process of DNA to DNB preparation on a sample preparation card. At the same time, the system integrates the quantitative function, which can automatically quantify after the preparation of DNB without manual quantification. At present, dnbelab-d4 digital sample preparation system is mainly used for library preparation of high-throughput sequencing, such as metagenome sequencing of unknown pathogens and covid-19 traceability sequencing.

Product features

One card library, integrated quantitative

Portable equipment, plug and play

Droplet sealing technology to eliminate pollution

Product principle

The dnbelab-d4 digital sample preparation system of Huada Zhizao adopts digital microfluidic technology, which can accurately control the movement, fusion, mixing and separation of droplets, so as to realize the movement of droplets to the target area, the construction of reaction system and other digital operations. In addition, all processes including quantification are completed in combination with the host function module, the reaction droplets are always in a closed state, the system is completely isolated from the outside air, and each reaction system is independent of each other, so as to prevent external pollution and sample cross-talk.

Ni Ming said,”our digital microfluidic technology is a two-dimensional plane, where droplets can walk freely and processes can be digitally operated freely. It is a more flexible platform that can realize more possibilities. In this way, we can also support the development of new applications on it in the future.”

Product application

At present, Huada Zhizao has developed a variety of application reagent kits for dnbelab-d4, which are mainly applicable to the application scenarios of library preparation, such as macro genome sequencing of unknown etiology, new crown traceability sequencing, etc.

Dnbelab-d4rs enzyme digestion DNA library preparation kit

Dnbelab-d4rs fast PCR free enzyme digestion library preparation kit

Dnbelab-d4rs atoplex RNA multiplex PCR Library Building Kit v3.1

Innovation is the foundation of the continuous development and progress of Huada Zhizao. In view of the current difficulties and bottlenecks in the development of the pathogen field, Huada Zhizao digital sample preparation system – dnbelab-d4, will open a new chapter in the construction of the database, re”d” pathogen detection, and enable the diagnosis of infectious diseases!