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Implemented immediately on June 1:public hospitals are prohibited from purchasing imported equipment without approval!

The Anhui Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Health Commission and the provincial medical insurance bureau recently jointly issued the notice on regulating matters related to government procurement of imported products by public medical institutions, which made it clear that public medical institutions shall not purchase imported products without approval from June 1 this year.

Strengthen the procurement audit management of imported products。 The competent budget units of medical institutions and the financial departments at or above the municipal level divided into districts shall strictly examine the procurement of imported products in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on government procurement, and focus on the demonstration opinions of experts on the procurement needs of the project. The unspecified and unclear demonstration opinions shall not be used as the basis for examination. In addition, public medical institutions should strictly implement the relevant provisions of government procurement on the examination and approval of imported products when using financial budget funds and”own funds” such as business income, operating income and other income to carry out procurement activities. If the budget of single or batch procurement reaches the limit standard of decentralized procurement of government procurement, and it is really necessary to purchase imported products, audit management shall be implemented.

Standardize the way of purchasing imported products。 All medical institutions use the financial budget funds and”own funds” to purchase imported products, upload relevant application forms and expert argumentation opinions through the”huicaiyun” platform, apply online, and the competent budget units and financial departments at or above the municipal level divided into districts approve online. After the approval is completed, the procurement activities shall be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations, and the procurement of imported products shall not be carried out without approval.

For the scientific and technological innovation products and services of domestic natural persons, legal persons and unincorporated organizations, government procurement shall be purchased under the condition that the function, quality and other indicators can meet the needs of government procurement; If it is put on the market for the first time, government procurement shall be the first to purchase, and shall not be restricted on the grounds of commercial performance. If the products purchased by the government have yet to be researched and developed, they can be implemented by ordering.