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Inventory of IPO of domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the first half of 2022

Semiconductor equipment is the cornerstone of the semiconductor industry and one of the weakest links in the domestic semiconductor industry. With the capacity expansion of the integrated circuit industry, especially new chips and advanced processes, the semiconductor equipment industry has brought a broad market space. On the occasion of the outbreak of the semiconductor industry, domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers have started the road of IPO, with a view to raising funds to improve their technical strength and expand production capacity.

Recently, the instrument information network combed the public information and counted the IPO of semiconductor equipment enterprises in the first half of 2022 for the readers. (the statistical data may be incomplete, please contact us for supplement, email:[email protected]

Micro conductive nanoErchuang scientific innovation board

2022年3月3日,江苏Micro conductive nano科技股份有限公司(以下简称:Micro conductive nano)再度闯关科创版。Micro conductive nano此前两次冲刺A股list均无疾而终,此后更换了辅导机构。Micro conductive nano掌握ALD核心技术,此前面临关联交易质疑,以及专利纷争。

撤回IPO申请一年之后,江苏Micro conductive nano科技股份有限公司(以下简称“Micro conductive nano”)整装再出发,以全新股东阵容冲刺科创板,25名股东中不仅包含11家私募基金股东,其中更不乏君联资本、高瓴投资等明星机构的身影。拟募资规模也提高了1倍,由前次的5亿元调至10亿元,主要用于基于原子层沉积技术的光伏及柔性电子设备扩产升级、集成电Road high-end equipment industrialization application center and other projects and supplementary working capital. Among them, the estimated amount of supplementary working capital is 150million yuan.

资料显示,Micro conductive nano成立于2015年12月25日,主要从事先进微、纳米级薄膜沉积设备的研发、生产和销售, 向下游客户提供先进薄膜沉积设备与相关改造服务及备品备件。

此次IPO,多家知名机构的入股为Micro conductive nano增色不少,不过此类投资机构向来逐利特征明显,通常会在企业list之后迅速获利抽离,所以很难对企业的长远发展起到助力作用。更值得关注的是,该公司财务数据钩稽关系不成立,企业存在为扮靓业绩调整数据的可能性。

Tuojing technology officially landed on the scientific innovation board

On April 20, tuojing Technology Co., Ltd. (688072) officially landed on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

As a high-end semiconductor special equipment enterprise, tuojing technology has always adhered to independent innovation and development. With a series of original designs, a perfect intellectual property system, and core technologies that have reached the international advanced level, the company has emerged in the international market. Tuojing technology said that this IPO is an important milestone in the history of the company’s development. The company will use the capital market as a platform to comprehensively improve the company’s comprehensive strength and company value and maximize the interests of investors.

As a semiconductor equipment supplier with independent innovation, in order to further improve the progressiveness of technology, enrich the types of equipment, expand the application fields of technology, improve the market share, and develop the Taiwan market, the company plans to use capital to raise funds for the expansion of high-end semiconductor equipment, the technological R & D and improvement of advanced semiconductor equipment, as well as the R & D and industrialization of ALD equipment.

According to the development plan, the company will carry out the research and development of PECVD products suitable for the process below 10nm; Develop thermal ALD and large chamber PE ALD; At the same time, we will upgrade sacvd equipment and develop 12 inch sacvd equipment to meet the process requirements below 28nm.

Huahai QingkeSuccessfully logged on the science and Technology Innovation Board

6月8日,Huahai Qingke股份有限公司(以下简称“Huahai Qingke”)Successfully logged on the science and Technology Innovation Board。

Huahai Qingke的主营业务为CMP(化学机械抛光)设备,是目前国内唯一一家能够提供半导体12英寸CMP商业机型的厂商,其产品可覆盖8英寸(200mm)、12英寸(300mm)晶圆产线,已应用于中芯国际、长江存储、华虹集团、英特尔等国内外芯片厂商的产线中。报告期内,Huahai Qingke营收增长较快,2019年-2021年总营收分别为2.11亿元、3.86亿元和8.05亿元。

截至招股书签署日,清华大学拥有Huahai Qingke37.854%的股份,为公司实际控制人和间接控股股东。

本次IPO,Huahai Qingke计划募资10亿元,将分别用于“高端半导体装备(化学机械抛光机)产业化项目”、“高端半导体装备研发项目”、“晶圆再生项目”和“补充流动资金”4个项目,扣除发行费用后共募集了34.9亿元,超募近2.5倍。

China Science and technology flight test to science and Technology Innovation BoardIPO

On June 16, Shenzhen Zhongke Flying Test Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”Zhongke flying test”) first applied for the meeting. The number of shares publicly issued by China Science and technology flight test shall not exceed 80000000 shares, accounting for no more than 25%of the total number of shares issued after the issuance. The funds raised this time are mainly used for the industrialization project of high-end semiconductor quality control equipment, the upgrading and construction project of R & D center and the supplementary working capital. China Science and technology flight test will be listed on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the sponsor is Guotai Junan Securities.

It is understood that Zhongke feitest is a leading domestic high-end semiconductor quality control equipment company. Since its establishment, it has always focused on the R & D, production and sales of two major types of integrated circuit special equipment for detection and measurement. Its products mainly include non graphic wafer defect detection equipment series, graphic wafer defect detection equipment series, three-dimensional shape measurement equipment series, film thickness measurement equipment series and other products, It has been applied to domestic integrated circuit manufacturing lines with 28nm and above processes. With the rapid development of semiconductor process technology, quality control equipment is also developing to smaller process nodes, and the difficulty of research and development is gradually increasing. At present, international giants can generally cover processes below 2xnm, and advanced products have been applied to processes below 7Nm. Although the products of Zhongke flying test have been able to cover the processes of 2xnm and above, the quality control equipment applied to the processes below 2xnm is still under research and development or verification, and there is still a large gap with the progressiveness of the process technology of Kelei semiconductor, applied materials, innovative technology and other international giants.

During the reporting period, the operating revenue of cetc-19 was 55.9837 million yuan, 23.75877 million yuan and 36.5534 million yuan respectively, and the net profits attributable to the owners of the parent company after deducting non recurring profits and losses were -72.387 million yuan, -1.3258 million yuan and 3.4801 million yuan respectively. In 2021, cetc-19 realized a small profit for the first time. Meanwhile, during the reporting period, the net cash flow from operating activities of cetca was -28.4882 million yuan, -86.7218 million yuan and -99.8946 million yuan, respectively, which remained negative.

During the reporting period, China Science and technology flight test products have been widely used in domestic mainstream integrated circuit manufacturing lines such as SMIC international, Changjiang storage, Shilan Jike, Changdian technology, Huatian technology, Tongfu microelectronics, breaking the long-term monopoly of international equipment manufacturers on the domestic market in the field of quality control equipment. At the same time, it has actively undertaken a number of national, provincial and municipal key special research and development tasks to help tackle key products and technologies in the domestic integrated circuit industry.

Linkage technologyChongguan gem

公开资料显示,Linkage technology主营半导体行业后道封装测试领域专用设备的研发、生产和销售,其主要产品包括半导体自动化测试系统、激光打标设备及其他机电一体化设备。

在首次冲击科创板IPO却以主动撤回list申请而铩羽之后,改弦更道期望于创业板挂牌的Linkage technology,在经过深交所近9个月时间和前后共计三轮问询及一次落实to examine中心意见之后,终于即将在2022年3月25日召开的创业板list委2022年第15次审议会议上迎来其IPO之旅中至关重要的表决。

与在2020年9月首次申请科创板list时一样,此次瞄准创业板IPO的Linkage technology同样计划发行不超过1160万股,但募集资金则较之前足足提高了1.62亿达到6.37亿。这近6.4亿资金将被Linkage technology用来投向“半导体封装测试设备产业化扩产建设”、“半导体封装测试设备研发中心建设”、“营销服务网络建设”等三大项目及补充营运资金。

Hengpu Technology Innovation BoardIPO resumptionlistto examine


2022年5月5日,宁波恒普真空科技股份有限公司及其中介机构因受疫情影响,无法在规定时限内完成尽职调查、回复to examine问询等工作,向上交所申请中止to examine。

2022年6月28日,根据《to examine规则》第六十六条,《to examine规则》第六十四条(七)所列中止to examine情形消除,上交所恢复宁波恒普真空科技股份有限公司发行listto examine。

According to the data, Hengpu technology is a key equipment supplier in the field of metal injection molding (MIM) and wide band gap semiconductor based on material research and high-temperature thermal field environmental control. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of thermal equipment such as metal injection molding (MIM) degreasing sintering furnace, silicon carbide crystal growth furnace, silicon carbide homogeneous epitaxy equipment, etc.

According to the financial data, the revenue of the company in the first nine months of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 was 90.4424 million yuan, 185 million yuan, 215 million yuan and 257 million yuan respectively; The corresponding net profits in the same period were 10.4597 million yuan, 27.4781 million yuan, 31.7634 million yuan and 34.2405 million yuan respectively.

Jingsheng equipmentApply for science and technology innovation board IPO

4月27日,上交所已受理南京Jingsheng equipment股份有限公司(下称:Jingsheng equipment)科创板IPO申请。Jingsheng equipment本次拟公开发行股票数量不超过3,459.1524万股,不低于本次发行完成后公司总股本的25.00%,本次发行全部为新股发行,不涉及原股东公开发售股份的情形。

招股书显示,成立于2012年2月的Jingsheng equipment是一家半导体专用设备供应商,主要从事晶体生长设备的研发、生产和销售。

Jingsheng equipment此次IPO募集资金4.76亿元,将用于总部生产及研发中心建设项目、半导体晶体生长设备总装测试厂区建设项目。

Silicon Electric Co., LtdIPO accepted by gem

6月30日消息,Silicon Electric Co., Ltd近日创业板list申报材料获受理,计划发行不超过 1043.1819 万股,计划募资约5.56亿元。募投项目为“探针台研发及产业基地建设项目”、“分选机技术研发项目”、“营销服务网络升级建设项目”、补充流动资金。

Silicon Electric Co., Ltd主要从事半导体专用设备的研发、生产和销售,专注于半导体探针测试技术领域,系境内领先的探针测试技术系列设备制造企业。

根据SEMI 和 CSA Research 统计,2019 年Silicon Electric Co., Ltd占中国大陆探针台设备市场 13%的市场份额,市场份额排名第四,为中国大陆设备厂商第一名。

Silicon Electric Co., Ltd强调,公司经过多年发展,已全面掌握了高精度快响应大行程精密步进技术、定位精度协同控制、探针卡自动对针技术、晶圆自动上下片技术、基于智能算法的机器视觉、电磁兼容性设计技术等探针测试核心技术。探针测试核心技术水平在境内处于领先地位,新一代全自动超精密 12 英寸晶圆探针台已实现产业化应用,晶粒探针台核心技术指标已达到国际同类设备水平。

截至2021年12月31日,Silicon Electric Co., Ltd已获得授权专利172项(其中发明专利18项),软件著作权59项。


6月25日,深圳精智达技术股份有限公司(简称:精智达)Apply for science and technology innovation board IPOto examine状态变更为“已问询”。