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Inventory of new products of specific surface and aperture analyzer in the first half of 2022

Conventional methods for determining the specific surface area and pore size of materials include gas adsorption method, mercury intrusion method, scanning electron microscope, small angle X-ray scattering, and small angle neutron scattering. Among them, gas adsorption method is the most common test method, especially for materials with irregular surface and complex pore size distribution, its pore size measurement range is from 0.three5nm to more than 100nm, covering all micropores and mesopores, and even extending to macropores.

In recent years, benefiting from the application expansion in emerging fields such as lithium batteries, the gas adsorption analyzer market has ushered in good development opportunities. In order to meet the increasingly rich application scenarios and market demand, many adsorption characterization instrument enterprises are also constantly innovating. In the first half of 2022, a number of new products of specific surface area and pore size analysis have been launched, mainly gas adsorption method. This paper combs and counts the relevant products declared in the new products column of the instrument information network for the readers.

(special statement:limited by time and resources, the scope of new product inventory is limited to incomplete statistics included in this website. If there are omissions, please supplement and improve them.)

(1) Antonpa

Anton Papi surface and aperture analyzer:Nova series

In February 2022, Anton Paar released the Nova series of the latest generation of specific surface and aperture analyzers. The new Nova series includes four models:600bet, 800bet, 600 and 800, which can treat different adsorbates at different temperatures, and the relative pressure range is from 1×10-4To 0.5 or 0.999 isotherm, so as to calculate the specific surface area, pore size distribution and pore volume of the material.

On the basis of ensuring the test accuracy, the new Nova series can further improve the analysis speed. It can carry out 5-point bet analysis on 4 samples in just 20 minutes, with repeatability < 2%, and complete 4 complete isotherms within 8 hours. Four samples of the next batch can also be degassed during the analysis process.

(2) Physical and Chemical Department

In April 2022, physicochemical Lianke (Beijing) Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. released its first physical adsorption isotherm data processing software iporedft based on non localized density function theory (NLDFT), which filled the gap in this domestic scientific research field and made a breakthrough.

NLDFT adsorption analysis method based on statistical mechanics has been recognized as the most popular physical adsorption analysis method in the field of scientific research, and has been widely used. Iporedft has independent intellectual property rights, which makes up for the defect that the existing analysis software artificially combines the pore size distribution model. It can find the corresponding pore type in the whole range of the adsorption isotherm and determine its content proportion. The iporedft1.0 version released this time has six basic models, which can provide a mixed model of any two or three basic models, greatly reducing the fitting error and obtaining a more realistic aperture distribution and specific surface value. Lianke will continue to develop new DFT models to meet the needs of zeolite molecular sieve and mof/cof pore size distribution research.

(three) Guoyi precision measurement

On June 17, Guoyi precision testing released four new heavy products, including ultra sorb, s-sorb, h-sorb upgraded high temperature and high pressure gas adsorption instrument, and F-Sorb CES straight pipe upgraded dynamic specific surface area tester.

Ultra sorb, a high-performance microporous analyzer, focuses on the characterization of the surface characteristics of microporous materials. Based on stainless steel pipelines, the equipment groundbreaking designs VCR metal face sealed sample tubes to improve the overall sealing of gas pipelines. It has the unique advantages of high vacuum for a long time, extremely low system leakage rate, high temperature control accuracy, high flux and so on. The air leakage rate of the system is as low as 1×10-11Pa.mthree/s. P/po as low as 1×10-9准确测定,让极限0.three5nm微孔分析成为可能。可广泛应用于环保、燃料电池、医药和催化等行业。

The vapor adsorption instrument s-sorb is a device for measuring the isothermal adsorption curve of water and organic vapor. It can test the parameters such as the amount and speed of adsorption and desorption of materials on water vapor, organic vapor and various gases. The equipment uses stainless steel pipeline to connect through VCR interface to improve the vacuum degree of the pipeline. The core system components are constant temperature at 125 ℃, with pressure resistant and corrosion-resistant steam generator, and the air leakage rate of the system is as low as 1×10-11Pa.mthree/s 。 It can be widely used in food, medicine, water purification and other industries.

The high temperature and high pressure gas adsorption instrument h-sorb mainly uses the static capacity method to test the adsorption capacity of materials under the high temperature and high pressure scenario. It can test and analyze the adsorption and desorption isotherms, Langmuir model regression isotherms, PCT curves, adsorption and desorption kinetics curves, hydrogen adsorption and desorption pressure platforms, TPD programmed temperature desorption, hydrogen adsorption and desorption cycle tests, Gibbs supercritical adsorption, etc. It has a highly integrated test system, which can realize high-precision and wide temperature control, and the air leakage rate of the system is still as low as 1×10 under high pressure-10Pa.mthree/s。 The equipment can be used in coalbed methane, shale gas, hydrogen storage materials and other industries.

Dynamic method specific surface area tester F-Sorb adopts the testing principle of dynamic chromatography, and can quickly test the specific surface area of samples through direct comparison method, single point and multi-point bet. High equipment testing efficiency; The unique straight tube sample tube is easy to install, sample and clean; Equipped with fully automatic stepping motor to achieve accurate flow regulation. It can be widely used in the production and quality inspection of lithium batteries, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and other powder materials.


AutoChem III chemisorption system

In June 2022, micromeritics, the world’s leading material characterization technology company, announced the launch of the new AutoChem III. The new design of AutoChem III aims to simplify key experimental steps, save users several hours a day, reduce testing time and improve experimental efficiency.

新型 Autocool 高度集成空气冷却系统不需要额外的低温液体或外部冷却介质,即可将实验时间缩短 three0 分钟或更长时间;独特的 AutoTrap 为 TPR 实验提供高效的蒸汽捕获,无需制备冷却浴;获得研发专利的KwikConnect 样品管安装一体式设计保证了密封性,规避了由传统螺纹接头带来的泄漏风险。AutoChem III 的动态化学吸附和程序升温分析在开发新催化剂材料至关重要的性能指标中发挥着极其重要的作用,助力碳捕获和利用、氢清洁能源以及其他净零等技术的发展。

(5) Truth optics

Micropore diameter rapid measuring instrument

In June 2022, Zhuhai truth optical instruments Co., Ltd. releasedMicropore diameter rapid measuring instrument 。 The test method is the luminous flux micro aperture measurement method (patent application No.:cn202110766064.2) first developed by the truth optics team. The measurement method is fast and reliable, more than 10 times faster than the traditional microscope and electron microscope detection methods, and can output the aperture, distribution and position of all holes, which is not available in other methods.