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Is 3D printing technology not popular

3D printing has not been popular in China in recent years. Many people secretly speculate that 3D printing is not popular, which itself is a gimmick. Compared with previous years, the media attention has also decreased, but is this really the case?

It took only 20 years for 3D printing to reach its peak from being little known to being widely concerned. The current state can be understood as finding the most appropriate position for itself, which is really changing human life.

3D printingScientific name additive manufacturingThe manufacturing technology of making physical objects by stacking materials layer by layer. It not only does not need molds, but is suitable for the production and prototype design of more personalized products, such as customized or small batch products, medical biology, etc; It can also manufacture more complex products, suitable for bionic design, lightQuantity structureEtc; It has also laid an important technical foundation for intelligent manufacturing, blockchain and other cutting-edge fields of manufacturing industry, and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain.

The United States began to implement the national manufacturing innovation network program in 2014,Additive manufacturing创新中心就是其中之一;德国201nine年将3D printing作为十Big in领先地位的关键工业领域之一进行发展。3D printing更是我国《中国制造2025》计划中提出要重点发展的技术项目之一,根据相关统计,2022年上半年,3D printing领域的融资总金额超22亿元,,主要分布在3D printing设备、材料相关企业,随着资本的注入,企业获得更多的资金,Talk about increasingResearch and development, expand more markets, and further accelerate the development of the industry.

仪器信息网为了使更多大家了解更多3D printing相关资讯,2022年7月28日将举办“3D printing技术表征及相关解决办法”网络会议,点击链接,立即预约免费观看。

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Some problems and solutions in the process of high speed laser deposition of metal materials

GUI Wanyuan

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Additive manufacturing行业中金属粉末碳硫氧氮氢分析的相关应用

Wang yuanci

Alimonta (Shanghai)


金相分析技术在Additive manufacturing中的应用


Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences


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