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Jilin:preparing to build 5 national and provincial industrial measurement and testing centers

Recently, Jilin Provincial Department of Market Supervision issued an announcement to solicit the implementation plan of Jilin Province for implementing the metrological development plan of the State Council(Draft for comments)》(hereinafter referred to as”scheme”) opinions.

The plan proposes that by 2025, the innovation ability of measurement science and technology will be improved, 1450 social public measurement standards, 70 local measurement technical specifications, 80 reference materials, and the quantity value transmission and traceability system will be improved; The economic and social development capacity of measurement services has been continuously enhanced, and five national and provincial industrial measurement and testing centers have been built around the layout of key industries in our province, which has played an increasingly prominent role in the development of measurement services industry; Gradually improve the measurement supervision and management system, strive to achieve the coverage rate of standard construction of compulsory inspection projects at and below the provincial level to reach 90%, guide the cultivation of 1000 honest measurement demonstration units, and form a new pattern of measurement governance under joint management.

In order to build an advanced measurement system, the plan requires giving full play to the technical leading role of advantageous measurement resources such as enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities, promoting the establishment of advanced measurement laboratories and improving the measurement ability and level in key fields. Encourage and guide all sectors of society to measure resources, accelerate research on advanced measurement technologies,Promote the research and development of advanced measuring instruments and equipment, strengthen measurement process control, promote data accumulation and optimize technical services. supportThe research on advanced measurement technology and the research and development of advanced measurement instruments and equipment will be included in the provincial science and technology development plan。 Promote the integration of advanced measurement and scientific research achievements into the scope of intellectual property protection, encourage the implementation of open patent licensing, and promote the transformation and application of achievements.

The plan also emphasizes the need to serve the development and precision manufacturing of high-end instruments, implement the quality improvement project of instruments and equipment, and strengthen the basic guarantee role of measurement in the R & D, design, test, production and use of instruments and equipment. Through the policies of”the first set” and”specialization and innovation”,Support the development and application of high-end general instruments and special measuring instruments, promote the localization of key measuring and testing equipment, and cultivate domestic instrument brands with core technology and core competitiveness

Original text of the plan吉林省贯彻国务院计量发展规划实施方案(Draft for comments).doc